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The Best of the Best: Top Five Attractions in...
There is so much to see and do in Puerto Rico. Here are some of the best sights on the island, including an ancient fortress, a bioluminescent bay and more.
The Top 10 Things to Do in Old San Juan
For a small corner of a major capital, Old San Juan has plenty to offer. Here are the best can't-miss experiences in the old walled city.
Traveling to Puerto Rico? 8 Things You Should...
Want to make the most out of your vacation? Here is information on when to go, what to pack, and what you need to know before you travel to Puerto Rico.
Why Puerto Rico Is Part of the U.S. But Isn't a...
A description of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S., including citizenship, taxes, local views on statehood, and political affiliation.
5 San Juan Restaurants You Must Try
These five San Juan restaurants run the gamut from offerings by award-winning master chefs, creative fusion concepts, and one local favorite.
Liven Up Your Nightlife with the 3 Sexiest San...
While many Puerto Ricans tend to gravitate toward smaller venues, the San Juan nightclubs still draw heavy crowds that keep the party going until dawn.
10 Cool Things You Can Do While Vacationing in...
A list of the best places in Puerto Rico for a variety of activities, including best place to spot a whale, the best place to pop the question, and more.
5 Dishes You Must Try in Puerto Rico
These classic meals show the full range of the island's local cuisine that makes these five foods unique to Puerto Rico and a must-try for visitors.
6 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico in Hurricane...
Hurricane season isn't usually the best time to visit the Caribbean, but take a closer look at why Puerto Rico might be an excellent off-season destination.
Enjoy Your Dream Vacation at the Top 10 Hotels...
A list of the best hotels in Puerto Rico, ranging from boutique properties in Old San Juan to a stylish resort on Vieques Island.
Top 5 Kid-Friendly Hotels in Puerto Rico
These hotels in Puerto Rico go out of their way to take care of the whole family, offering kids-only facilities, children's programs, and family specials.
Only Have a Week in Puerto Rico? Try This Great...
A step-by-step itinerary for a week in the island paradise of Puerto Rico, including where to go, what to see and do, where to dine, and other useful tips.
How Safe Is Puerto Rico for Tourists?
A list of frequently asked questions about safety in Puerto Rico, including details on crime, health, and emergency numbers.
In Puerto Rico for the Weekend? A 3-Day...
This three-day itinerary lets you enjoy a few different sides of Puerto Rico, including a Old San Juan walking tour, El Yunque, and a day on the water.
Which of Puerto Rico's Beaches Should You...
A handy guide to Puerto Rico's beaches, including some of the best places to sail, surf, snorkel, dive, and swim in Puerto Rico.
Condado, San Juan: A Trendy Vacation Spot You...
A complete guide to Condado, one of San Juan's most exclusive districts thanks to its fashionable shopping, beautiful beach, and excellent dining.
The Inside Scoop on the Bacardi Distillery Tour...
An overview of the free Bacardi's massive distillery tour in Cataño, which presents an interesting family history, an island tradition, and free samples!
San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Isla Verde
A complete guide to Isla Verde, the fancy resort strip of San Juan, including hotels, restaurants, attractions, historical monuments, and more.
Why El Morro Is Puerto Rico's Most Popular...
What you need to know to visit Old San Juan's ancient fortress, one of the island's cultural treasures and the most popular historic site in Puerto Rico.
Visit El Yunque National Rainforest in Puerto...
The only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forest Service, El Yunque is an integral part of Puerto Rico and one of the island's most popular attractions.
The 4 Best Places for Shopaholics in San Juan
A guide to San Juan's main shopping areas, including where to go for high fashion, souvenirs, jewelry, bargains, and art, among other items.
The 8 Best Places to Buy Authentic Souvenirs in...
This list will help you shop for authentic Puerto Rican souvenirs, from vejigante masks to cigars to thousand-dollar panama hats, when you're in San Juan.
10 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Puerto...
A list of ten interesting and quirky facts about Puerto Rico to help you learn more about one of the most unique destinations in the Caribbean.
Don't Miss the 7 Best Bars in San Juan
Bars in San Juan are diverse and plentiful, from hole-in-the-wall pubs to multi-level, multi-environment establishments. Here are some of the best.
July 2014 Events in Puerto Rico
A list of festivals, holidays and events throughout Puerto Rico in July. An internationally known salsa event highlights a month full of celebrations.
Child's Play: Fun Activities for Kids in Puerto...
A list of kid-friendly or kid-specific activites in Puerto Rico, including museums, water parks, water sports, and other ideas for the whole family.
Placing Bets at Top Casino Hotels in San Juan
Did you know that in Puerto Rico all the casinos are in hotels? Here are the best casino hotels in San Juan, including Isla Verde, Condado and Old San Juan.
Common Phrases and Sayings to Help You Speak...
From pickup lines to insults, knowing a few of these sayings will help you communicate with, understand, and maybe even surprise local Puerto Ricans.
9 Biggest Parties and Events in Puerto Rico...
There is always a party somewhere in Puerto Rico, but here is a listing of the island's major events, holidays, and festivals throughout the year.
Where to Eat Puerto Rican Food in San Juan
Where in San Juan can you find true island cooking, including mofongo, asopao, and lechón? The restaurants on this list have you covered.
10 Terrific Tours to Take in Puerto Rico
Here are ten tours that bring you the best of Puerto Rico's cultural, natural, culinary and adventurous attractions.
The Best Free Activities in Puerto Rico
Sure, you can spend lavishly and fulfill your heart's desire on this island, but it's nice to know that you have your choice of free activities in Puerto Rico to enjoy. Here are a few diverse ways to spend absolutely nothing and have a good time on the island.
Take a Walking Tour of Old San Juan with 7...
An easy-to-follow walking tour of Old San Juan that covers the major historic and cultural highlights, including El Morro, La Rogativa, and more.
What Is Mofongo?
Mofongo is the signature dish of Puerto Rico, a mashed mound of plantains into which a combination of seafood, meat, or vegetables is added.
5 Super Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico
There is no shortage of romantic things to do in Puerto Rico; even a walk on the beach at sunset has its rewards. Here are a few ideas to spur your romantic island escape, including horseback riding on the beach, swimming in a bioluminescent bay, dancing salsa and catching a show.
Your Guide to Visiting the Vieques Biobay
Mosquito Bay is one of the most bioluminescent bays in the world. Here is what you need to know to visit the unique and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.
Zipline Adventures in Puerto Rico
A list of tour companies that offer zipline, rappelling, and other adrenaline-pumping excursions into Puerto Rico's interior.
Review of Brava Nightclub in San Juan
Review of Club Brava, one of San Juan's best clubs, at the El San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde. If you like to dance, flirt, and mingle with a young and hip crowd, this is the place to be.
The Best Breakfast Restaurants in San Juan
If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need to know where to eat when you're in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Start with these restaurants.
Updated Marriage Requirements for Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico revised its marriage requirements in 2012 that make it easier than ever to get married on the island. Here's what you need to know.
Rustic Retreats and Island Luxury: The Top Five...
The hotels in Vieques encompass everything from budget guesthouse to architectural wonder; here's a list of the five best inns and hotels.
La Casita Blanca: Home Cooking at One of the...
In the heart of Santurce, La Casita Blanca is a Puerto Rican institution where locals and discerning tourists come for authentic down-home cooking. It's worth going out of your way.
Cheap Eats: Great Bargain Restaurants in San Juan
A list of bargain restuarants in San Juan, including cheap but tasty eateries in Old San Juan, Ocean Park, Isla Verde and Santurce.
Safety Tips for Travelers to Puerto Rico
While Puerto Rico is relatively safe, crime does exist, so tourists must exercise some caution. Here is a list of tips and suggestions for staying safe.
Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A comprehensive calendar of events throughout Puerto Rico, broken down by month, with links to the island's biggest parties and festivals.
A Guide to Budget Travel to Puerto Rico
A comprehensive resource for the budget-minded traveler, from cheap hotels around the island, to great bargain restaurants, to free activities.
Five Things To Do in Isabela, Puerto Rico's...
Located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, Isabela, is known for its local cheese, Paso Fino horses, and plenty of cultural and natural attractions.
Planning Your Puerto Rico Vacation
Tips, suggestions, and ideas to help you plan your puerto rico vacation, including where to visit, where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and what you need to know before you travel.
August Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events throughout Puerto Rico in August.
Gay and Lesbian Hangouts in San Juan
Puerto Rico has long been considered one of the most gay-friendly islands in the Caribbean. Here are five of the best hotspots in the capital.
History and Luxury Make El Convento an Icon...
Hotel El Convento is one of Old San Juan's most desirable places to stay. Its combination of Old-World charm and modern comfort is unparalleled, and its service, quality and prime location help put it in a class of its own.
Seven Sexy San Juan Lounges
When the sun goes down, San Juan revs up, and San Juan lounges open their doors. Your choices of nightlife vary according to taste, passion, and ability to stay awake. If you're looking for a mellow night out nestled in the cool confines of a comfy couch while sampling a tropical cocktail, check out one of these seven sexy San Juan lounges.
Puerto Rico's Biobays
An overview of Puerto Rico's three biolomuniscent bays, and the unforgettable (but varying) glow-in-the-dark experiences they offer.
El San Juan Hotel & Casino: A Storied Tradition...
Review of the El San Juan Hotel & Casino, including restaurants, shopping, casino and nightlife.
Piñones Offers a Sunny, Sandy, and...
You don't have to go far out of San Juan to experience Puerto Rico at its greasiest, crispiest best. Just get in a car or taxi, head out to Pinones, and pick your favorite seaside shacks, stall, or small restaurant
Love Life at the Most Romantic Hotels in Puerto...
Puerto Rico has all the elements for a romantic escape: idyllic beaches, tropical weather, all kinds of entertainment, and gourmet dining. Of course, it also has some fine hotels that are sure to kindle a few sparks. Book that special place for that special occasion. If it's romance you're looking for, these hotels will help you set the mood.
Myths, Legends, and Superstitions: The Folklore...
A taste of the rich mythology and folklore of Puerto Rico, including Indian legends, forbidden romance, blood-sucking monsters and religious miracles.
5 Things Not To Do in Old San Juan
Old San Juan offers no end of activities, sightseeing and entertainment options for travelers. But here are five things not to do in the walled city.
Getting the Best Bling for Your Buck
A listing of the best bets for jewelry shopping in San Juan, including specialty stores that focus on a particular style or type of jewelry.
Not Just a Backpacker Special: Cheap (But Good)...
Whether you're a student counting every dollar or simply a budget traveler, these lodging options are some of the most wallet-friendly beds in Puerto Rico.
10 Outstanding Outdoor Activities in Puerto Rico
10 wonderful ways to spend a day outdoors in Puerto Rico, whether you like to dive into the water, take to the air, spend a day in the forest, or even glow in the dark.
The Best Hotels in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico
The best hotels in Isla Verde, San Juan's beachfront neighbor, from five-star luxury resorts to properties that offer great value.
A Visual Tour of the Beaches of Puerto Rico
Ah, the beaches of Puerto Rico. Soft, white sands, turquoise waters, and near-perfect weather nearly all the time. The island's most marketable asset doesn't disappoint, and there are over 230 miles of them for you to explore. Let this guide be your visual introduction to some of Puerto Rico's most beautiful beaches.
Cheap Day Trips From San Juan
A list of day trips from San Juan that won't break the bank, including two forests, many beaches and a few long bus rides into the interior.
Best Honeymoon Destinations in Puerto Rico
A list of the best honeymoon destinations in Puerto Rico, whether you crave the romance of an old colonial city, the azure waters of a world-class beach, or the lush seclusion of the rainforest.
Night Tales in San Juan: A Refreshing Nighttime...
Among the best nocturnal excursions in Puerto Rico, "Night Tales in Old San Juan" is a journey into the
Alcohol Alchemists:
A listing of Puerto Rico's best cocktails drinks, found in some of the island's hottest hotels, bars and lounges. These rum-based libations are a hit with locals and tourists alike. From the original Piña Colada to the drink that won the Bacardi Grand Prix in 2006, these signature mixed drinks will tease the taste buds and mellow the senses.
Taxi, Bus, or Rental: Getting Around San Juan
Should you rent a car, take taxis, or wait for the bus while you're in San Juan? Here's a breakdown of your transportation options in the capital city.
Condado After Dark - San Juan's Nightlife Hotspot
The chic Condado neighborhood after dark is one of San Juan's best bets, thanks to its cool lounges, bars, and hotspots.
Five Unique Places to Get Married in Puerto Rico
A list of five unforgettable tropical venues where you can have your wedding. If you want to get married in Puerto Rico, these locations will make your Caribbean destination dreams come true.
How to Get Around in Puerto Rico
Need help getting around Puerto Rico? Here are your transportation options on the ground, including ferries taxis, and airlines that service the island.
The Five Most Romantic Restaurants in San Juan
Where should you take your loved one for that special evening out? Where do you want to dine to cap off a romantic island escape or, even more important, to pop the question? In San Juan, good restaurants are easy to find. These five, however, offer the ambience, intimacy, superior cuisine and top-class service that you're looking for when nothing less than the best will do.
Where to Play Golf in Puerto Rico
Combining the visual cornucopia of its environment with courses designed by some of the biggest names in the business, here are the island's best courses.
Where to go Kayaking in Puerto Rico
Kayaking is a popular pastime in Puerto Rico, and there are many providers and destinations around the island that offer kayak tours and rentals. Here are some of the best.
Restaurants in Isla Verde
Dining in Isla Verde doesn't offer quite the culinary smorgasbord that you'll find in Old San Juan or Condado, but there are a few solid bets, and plenty of international flavors mixed with a few reliable local joints.
Salsa at the Nuyorican Cafe in Old San Juan
The Nuyorican Cafe is an Old San Juan institution, a place where the locals gather for great live music, affordable drinks, and plenty of salsa.
5 Reasons to Visit Rincón and Puerto...
Rincón has long been known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean. But there is more to this west coast town than its gnarly waves.
Puerto Rico Hotels - Best Hotels to Party in...
There are all kinds of hotels in Puerto Rico, but these ones are on the top of my list to visit when I'm looking for a party, a place to hang out at night, or a special event bash.
Reinventing 'Rican Seafood: Aguaviva Makes a...
Aguaviva leads the vanguard of creative fusion cooking in San Juan. From its funky aquarium-cool decor to its delicious seafood creations, it's one of the freshest places in town.
10 Ways Vieques is different from Culebra
Vieques and Culebra are Puerto Rico's island jewels. But although both are amazing destinations, they are also quite unlike each other. Here are ten differences between the islands.
Fashion Shopping in San Juan: 10 Unique Boutiques
Ten fashion boutiques worth a browse when you go shopping in San Juan.
Castillo de San Cristóbal: The Largest...
After visiting El Morro, most visitors head to The Castillo de San Cristóbal, El Morro's partner in the defense of the city during the 18th and 19th Centuries.
Review of Pikayo Restaurant in San Juan
A review of Pikayo restaurant, which combines some of the most inventive interpretations of Puerto Rican cooking you'll ever eat with a sexy, sleek setting at the Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan.
5 Reasons to Visit the El Conquistador Resort...
From the water park to the private island, I can give you 5 reasons why the Waldorf Astoria's El Conquistador in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, is the most complete resort in Puerto Rico.
Unusual Foods of Puerto Rico
A listing of exotic foods and recipes fit for an adventurous palate. Puerto Rico's cuisine runs from something as simple as chicken and rice, to tripe, pig parts that don't usually show up on your plate, and crab on a stick!
All About Coffee in Puerto Rico
A summary of coffee in Puerto Rico, including how coffee is served, where to visit coffee plantations, and the history of the coffee industry on the island.
Some of Puerto Rico's Best Beaches Are on This...
On this small island, you have ample choice of beaches. Some people love to beach-hop, others prefer to find that one sun-kissed spot that will hold them for the day. Here's a guide to 10 of my favorites.
5 Reasons to Visit Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
There are very good reasons why Puerto Ricans love to spend time in Cabo Rojo: the beaches, natural beauty, and relaxed vibe of the island's southwest coast makes it one of the most beautiful destinations in Puerto Rico.
Spend a Day in Fajardo
Have only one day left and want to do something different (and special)? Have a car? Then head out early and spend a day in Fajardo, located on the beautiful eastern corner of Puerto Rico. Natural wonders, excellent local food, and an unforgettable nighttime experience await you.
The Parrot Club: A Tropical Tradition Among San...
The Parrot Club is a mainstay of the Puerto Rico dining circuit. Located on trendy Fortaleza Street, it has been delighting locals and tourists alike with excellent Puerto Rican classics in a relaxed, fun, and pleasant environment.
The Story Behind the Vejigante Mask of Puerto...
The Vejigante Mask is one of Puerto Rico's most colorful arts and crafts. Learn the story behind these vibrant creations.
Travel Time to Puerto Rico from Major U.S. Cities
Planning a trip to Puerto Rico? Here's a list of flight times to San Juan from L.A., New York, Chicago and several other major U.S. cities.
San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Ocean Park
A complete guide to Ocean Park, a laid back community that lies between Condado and Isla Verde. Bohemian, nondescript, and a favorite of anyone who wants to get away from it all, Ocean Park is a welcome change of pace from its flashy neighbors.
A Review of the Camuy Caves in Puerto Rico
Among Puerto Rico's many natural wonders, the Camuy Caves are among its most unique, ancient, and wondrous.
The Beaches of Culebra
Ah, the beaches of Culebra. Some would argue it's the main reason tourists flock to this rustic paradise by the plane- and ferry-loads. Here's a closer look at some of the best stretches of golden sand on, and off, the island.
Piña Colada: A Recipe for a Puerto Rican...
A recipe for making Piña Colada, taken from the restaurant in Old San Juan where the cocktail was first made: Barrachina.
October Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout October.
Review of the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel
A review of the Conrad Condado San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel. Newly renovated and brought under the Conrad banner, this hotel has undergone a pleasant metamorphosis, and is now a cool and comfortable spot in Condado.
Review of La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce, San...
A review of La Plaza del Mercado, also known as La Placita, a traditional marketplace that morphs into an open-air party from Thursday to Sunday nights.
What Foods to Order at a Puerto Rican Restaurant
A handy reference to help you decipher what's on a typical menu at a Puerto Rican restaurant; these foods represent the most authentic dishes on the island.
Visiting the Catedral de San Juan in Old San Juan
What to see when you visit the Catedral de San Juan in Old San Juan
Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico on Three Kings...
January 6 is Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico. Learn more about why this is such a special day on the calendar, and an integral part of Puerto Rican culture and folklore.
San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Old San Juan
Explore over 400 years of history in Old San Juan, the historic and cultural center of Puerto Rico and the main attraction for most tourists.
Everything You Need to Know About The Ponce...
There are few events in Puerto Rico to match the Ponce Carnival. This annual event transforms the normally quiet city of Ponce into an explosion of color, culture, music, and revelry. Here are the highlights.
Dining at the Luquillo Kiosks
A review of the rustic, authentic, diverse and delicious row of around 60 roadside kiosks along Route 3 in the town of Luquillo, PR.
Toro Verde's Zipline Adventure in Puerto Rico
A brief introduction to Toro Verde
Five Things to Do in Puerto Rico's East Region
Puerto Rico's East region includes rainforests, tropical islands, bioluminescent bays, some of the island's finest beaches and a few of its most celebrated resort hotels.
The Best Bargain Hotels in San Juan
A listing of the best bargain hotels in san juan, ranging from inexpensive to mid-range and focusing on Ocean Park and Old San Juan. The top five includes boutique hotels, charming inns, and private rentals, and some are travel secrets not covered in your average guidebook
The Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel in Puerto Rico
An image gallery of the Horned Dorset Primavera in Rincón, along with ten reasons why I consider it the best hotel in Puerto Rico. For an unforgettable intimate retreat, you can't beat this one-of-a-kind boutique property.
A Day in Loíza, Puerto Rico
A trip to the municipality of Loíza, a short drive East to San Juan, is a journey back to Puerto Rico's centuries-old African history and heritage.
The Arecibo Observatory: A Marvel of Science...
A description of the Arecibo Observatory, the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope, including how to get there and tour companies offering tours to the site.
The Hacienda Buena Vista Coffee Plantation near...
Take a trip back in time at the Hacienda Buena Vista Coffee Plantation in the mountains of Puerto Rico, and visit one of the last remaining working examples of water-powered coffee production.
Review of El Conquistador Resort Hotel in...
A review of the sprawling and full-of-amenities El Conquistador Resort, which offers guests a complete vacation experience unlike any other hotel in Puerto Rico.
Sports in Puerto Rico: Where to Play, What to...
A listing of sports in Puerto Rico, including what to see, where to go, and the island's biggest events in baseball, sailing, surfing, golf, and more.
The Dragonfly Combo: A San Juan Restaurant and...
A review of one of Puerto Rico's hottest spots for a great meal and a funky late-night hangout. Dragonfly is not just a San Juan restaurant and lounge; it's a hip, happening infusion of Asian and Puerto Rican style and taste.
Beyond Bakeries: A Guide to Puerto Rico's...
A panadería is a bakery, and in Puerto Rico it's practically an institution. Equally popular in the big cities and small towns, panaderías specialize in local pastries, basic groceries, deli meats and cheeses, and a wide variety of sandwiches. For the tourist who wants to experience the local flavor, Puerto Rico's panaderías are a must-visit destination for lunch or dinner.
September Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout September. It's a month of concerts and carnivals, sport-fishing tournaments and patron saints.
Review of Varita Restaurant in San Juan
A review of Varita Restaurant, a wood-burning meatlover's paradise and the brainchild of Chef Wilo Benet, one of the most inventive masters of traditional and fusion Puerto Rican cuisine.
Top Natural Attractions in Puerto Rico
A description of the best natural attractions around the island. From a one-of-akind rainforest to a 22-mile undersea wall, Puerto Rico has its share of beautiful, unique, and breathtaking natural wonders.
Flying Into Puerto Rico
Basic details about air travel to Puerto Rico, including flights to Puerto Rico, airport information, and air traffic information.
Visiting the Home of Ponce de León at La...
A museum in Old San Juan that was once the home of Ponce de Leon's family, La Casa Blanca is one of the oldest residences in Puerto Rico and the first fort of the old city.
Abe's Snorkeling and Bio-Bay Tours in Vieques
A review of Abe's awesome snorkeling and bio-bay tours on Vieques Island
Review of Pasión por el Fogón...
For delicious, tender and richly flavored boricua cooking, you'll be thrilled to find yourself at PasiĆ³n
Chuletas Can Can
A musical-sounding name for a local classic: Puerto Rican-style pork chops.
Recipe for Puerto Rican Lechon, Roast Suckling...
A recipe for Lechón, Puerto Rico's beloved roast suckling pig. This dish typifies local cuisine and is practically a Sunday ritual among Puerto Rican families.
Team Spirit Takes You Hang Gliding in Puerto Rico
A profile of Team Spirit Hang Gliding, which provides hang gliding and paragliding tours of Puerto Rico with stunning views of the island and the El Yunque Rainforest.
Turtle Watching in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has long been a haven for nesting turtles. Check out where to go and where to stay if you want to participate in turtle watching on the island.
Review of the Flavors of San Juan Tour
A Review of the Flavors of San Juan Tour, a leisurely cultural, historic, and above all culinary romp through the streets and restaurants of the old city.
All About Puerto Rican Rum
A history of rum, Puerto Rico's most famous drink and its chief export. From the 1600s, this island has been producing the world's finest rum, following a tradition that continues to this day.
Top Reggaeton Artists from Puerto Rico
A list of the best reggaetón artists in Puerto Rico (and the world).
Great Restaurants in San Juan for Lunch
My list of the best restaurants to grab lunch in San Juan, whether you're on the go and want a quick bite or prefer to take a lengthy break and enjoy a lively, vibrant spot.
Spending A Weekend on Vieques Island
On your first day in Vieques, you'll want to get to your hotel, rent a car or jeep, and then get out to enjoy the island's pristine beaches. Page 2.
A Review of Budatai Restaurant in San Juan
A review of Budatai Restaurant in San Juan, the flagship eatery of star chef Roberto Treviño. Budatai combines Asian and Puerto Rican flavors in a wonderful fusion of Asian and Caribbean flavors.
Review of El Jibarito Restaurant in Old San Juan
A review of the authentic, colorful and pure Puerto Rican El Jibarito Restaurant in Old San Juan.
10 Ecotours in Puerto Rico
For anyone who likes to leave as small a footprint as possible when they travel, you'll be happy to know that many tour companies in Puerto Rico are all about promoting and practicing ecotourism surfing kiteboarding.
Outlet Shopping in Puerto Rico at Premium Outlets
If you like outlet shopping, head to Premium Outlets in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. Located between San Juan and Arecibo, it features some of the best and most popular brands around at great prices.
New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico: Where to Go to...
New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico is always a time to party until 2014 is well under way. Check out the biggest bashes and balls in Puerto Rico this New Year's Eve.
Eight Reasons to Visit Culebra
A list of eight things you should do while you're on the island of Culebra, including activities, dining, nightlife, and underwater exploration.
Discovering Guavate, Puerto Rico's Ruta del...
Guavate has gained international fame for its Ruta del Lechón, a winding road that takes you to what many feel is the best Roast Suckling Pig in the world.
Culebra's Paradise: Flamenco Beach
Culebra Island's most dazzling asset, Flamenco Beach has been counted among the world's best. One trip will be enough to make you a fan for life.
10 Restaurants to Try in Isla Verde
Isla Verde is known for its resort hotels on the beach. Discover 10 of the best steakhouses and restaurants in San Juan in this beachfront enclave.
Sightseeing Tours in San Juan
From free trolleys to guided excursions that take you in and out of the capital's monuments, boutiques and restaurants, these tours offer a fun and creative way to explore San Juan.
Health and Safety Risks in Puerto Rico
A list of health safety risks for travelers who are visiting Puerto Rico.
Review of the Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Hotel
A review of the elegant Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Hotel.
Recipe for Puerto Rican Sofrito
A recipe for sofrito, the mix of herbs and vegetables that forms the base of most Puerto Rican cooking.
Food and Drink Festivals in Puerto Rico
With superstar chefs, award-winning restaurants and a culinary tradition that blends recipes and ingredients from the new world, the old world, and the world of fusion, Puerto Rico's gastronomy has become a huge draw for tourists. To experience the best of island cooking, check out these food festivals in Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico's Best Boutique Hotels
A list of Puerto Rico's best boutique hotels, including renovated Carmelite convents, architecturally unique lodgings, luxurious private suites along the coast, and an artist's haven, to name just a few. When you stay at one of these properties, you're sure to find something above and beyond the norm.
5 Aerial Adventures to Try in Puerto Rico
Skydiving, Parasailing, Hang gliding, Ziplining and Helicopter rides. Try any of these aerial sports the next time you visit Puerto Rico.
The Rio Mar Beach Resort Hotel in Puerto Rico,...
The Rio Mar Beach Resort, a Wyndham Grand Hotel, brings the best of Puerto Rico to its guests: comfort, the beach, the rainforest, golf, casinos, restaurants, and of course, the wonderful hospitality of the island.
Aventuras Tierra Adentro: One of the Most...
If you crave adventure, want to get your adrenaline pumping, and don't mind taking a few risks, you're going to love what Aventuras Tierra Adentro has to offer you: it's one of the most exciting things to do in Puerto Rico.
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