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Review of the W Retreat & Spa, Vieques' most luxurious hotel

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Review of the W Retreat & Spa, Vieques' most luxurious hotel
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The Bottom Line

Undeniably cool, the W blends contemporary comfort in a luxury setting that emphasizes harmony with the spectacular natural assets of Vieques Island. With outstanding cuisine, a state-of-the-art spa, fabulous pools and beaches, beautiful open spaces, and spacious digs decorated in an urban chic style, the W is everything it's advertised to be: a Vieques experience unlike any other.


  • Without question the most stylish and luxurious property on the island
  • The spa is by far the best in Vieques
  • The restaurant, by superstar chef Alain Ducasse, is exceptional
  • From beach to infinity-edge twin pools to lobby, the common areas of the hotel invite you to relax


  • The most expensive destination on the island.
  • Far from both towns, making a car rental a necessity if you want to explore the island.


  • The W is located along State Road 200, neither in Isabel II or Esperanza, the island's two towns. Phone: 787-741-4100.
  • Beautifully designed, the W combines modern architecture that is designed to enhance its natural setting.
  • Guest rooms are among the largest on the island, with standard rooms of over 550 square feet.

Guide Review - Review of the W Retreat & Spa, Vieques' most luxurious hotel

The W Retreat & Spa experience begins before you even reach the hotel. As soon as guests arrive at Vieques' small airport, they are ushered into the exclusive W Lounge (the only one at the airport), where they receive welcome refreshments and snacks and can await their shuttle to the hotel in a relaxed setting. And that's really what the W is all about; exceptional service that transports each guest to a place of luxury where they can escape, unwind, and enjoy something out of the ordinary.

There are places at the W that practically lure you with their siren call of tropical comfort. The airy lobby, furnished with colorful plush lounges and a rustic-chic bar, is a wonderful hangout. So is the lovely fire-pit overlooking the beach and ocean. The twin, double-deck outdoor infinity-edge pool, also facing the ocean and lined with deck chairs and sun beds can command a full day of your attention. Especially when you factor in the pool "talent" who takes care of your every need, from fresh towels to sunglasses to ice cream, and the W "mixologists" who spin a slick poolside soundtrack all day.

If you've come for the beach, you have one of two essentially private stretches of pristine beachfront to enjoy, one of them more adult-oriented and "European," if you know what that means (read: topless sunbathing permitted). The W's squad of beach ambassadors will furnish beach accessories, food and beverage, and you can pick up games, toys and even tools to build sandcastles at the nearby W Cafe. When you're hungry, you need look no further than Sorcé, which focuses on local flavors and recipes.

Add the secluded and soothing Away Spa, which offers custom-made treatments inspired by its Caribbean setting; the tennis courts (with complimentary racquets and balls); and the small but well-equipped gym, and the W offers a tropical getaway for guests who want to be active, indolent, pampered, or merely as close to the ocean as possible, for as long as possible.

And I haven't even covered the rooms yet. The accommodations at the W, spread across a series of three-floor cabanas, offer plenty of space to spread out. With custom touches like specially made bath tubs, plush mattresses and bed linens, contemporary art and splashes of color balancing predominantly earth tones, the rooms exemplify W living. And with eight different room types (and price levels) to chose from, you can pick and choose the accommodation that best suits you.

The W experience is backed by its signature Whatever/Whenever service, which gives guests carte blanche access to request anything they need to make their stay exactly what they want. It's all part and package of what makes the W one of the most memorable and enjoyable destinations in Puerto Rico.

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