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Review of Malecón House Hotel in Vieques

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Review of Malecón House Hotel in Vieques
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The Bottom Line

The tiny town of Esperanza needed a place like Malecón House. The 10-room boutique seaside inn is chic, modern and unlike anything else on the boardwalk. Just across the water and well-located along Esperanza's quaint boardwalk, it's one of the island's nicest places to stay.


  • Each of the ten rooms are pleasant, comfortable, and spacious.
  • If they're available, opt for the rooms with an outdoor deck facing the water and the boardwalk.
  • Robin and Marsha are on-site innkeepers, a great benefit for guests.


  • It's one of the more expensive options on the island.


  • Ten beautiful rooms in a chic setting make the Malecón House an attractive destination for travelers to Vieques.
  • The pool, deck, and daily breakfast are nice added benefits.
  • Located on the boardwalk, the inn is steps from many of Esperanza's restaurants, shops, and bars.
  • Check for rates and book here.

Guide Review - Review of Malecón House Hotel in Vieques

With only ten rooms, I can imagine the Malecón House filling up fast and staying booked for long periods of time. Quite simply, there's nothing like it in Esperanza, which is known for low-key, rustic, and basic inns. The Malecón House calls itself a "chic seaside inn," an apt description.

Each of the ten rooms is unique, but the contemporary furniture, and sparkling clean look set it apart on the malecón, or boardwalk. The spacious rooms, high ceilings, cool marble floors, and minimalist style make the accommodations very comfortable.

Beyond the rooms, the two-story inn is a cozy and inviting place. Breakfast is served daily in the patio, and the small pool (a luxury in Vieques), deck, and tropical garden add to the inn's charm. For a special treat, check out the sunsets from atop the roof deck.

Your hosts are Robin and Marsha Shepherd, who are warm and friendly and know how to make their guests feel at home. Marsha even has a small boutique in the hotel lobby with an eclectic and tasteful collection of island-ready fashion.

Tasteful, simple, accommodating and comfy. Put it all together and you've got a chic seaside inn. Welcome to the Malecón House.

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