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Spending A Weekend on Vieques Island


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Day Three: Isabel II
Spending A Weekend on Vieques Island

Punta Mulas Lighthouse in Isabel II

Photo © Zain Deane

You have a few options for your last day on the island: those who enjoy guided tours can get in the water, get on a bike, or get on a horse. Or, you can see what Isabel II has to offer. Finally, when all else fails to spark your interest, there's always one more unexplored beach to visit.


  1. If you want to take a tour, you'll want to get up early. diving and snorkeling enthusiasts should call Abe’s Snorkeling Tours (787-741-2134/436-2686)or head to Blackbeard Sports. Karl Alexander is the man behind La Dulce Vida, which offers mountain-bike tours of the island (info@bikevieques.com). And horseback riding is available at the Sea Gate Guest House. Finally, Kiani Tours focuses on the cultural highlights that the island has to offer.

  2. If you'd prefer to stick around Isabel II, a good way to begin your day is by visiting Roy's Coffee Shop (787-741-0685), the closest thing Vieques has to a Starbucks. Get yourself a "Frozen Roy" and then get going.

  3. Visit the Fuerte Conde de Mirasol (787-741-1717), Vieques' largest cultural icon. A small colonial Spanish fort, this site is also a museum which exhibits local art and history, and has an excellent documentary on the struggle of local fishermen against the Navy.

  4. If it's open, check out the Punta Mulas Lighthouse (787-741-0060), a small but picturesque landmark that houses a museum of local maritime history.

  5. For lunch, stay near the town and head to Richard's Cafe Richard’s Café (787-741-5242), which, contrary to its name, serves up authentic Puerto Rican staples (their fish specials are particularly good).

  6. Spend the rest of your time wandering around the town. The main plaza boasts a bust of The Great Liberator himself (Simon Bolivar), whose only (unplanned) stop in Puerto Rico was at Vieques.

  7. Catch the ferry or the plane back to the Mainland, and take memories of Vieques with you.

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