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Spending A Weekend on Vieques Island


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Spending A Weekend on Vieques Island

Sun Bay is Vieques' most popular beach

Photo © Zain Deane

A weekend on Vieques Island is probably all you need for your first trip. That's not a knock on Vieques, by the way; many tourists spend their entire vacations here and barely step foot on "The Big Island" (mainland Puerto Rico). But the first-timer can get a good feel for what this small wonder of an island has to offer.

This weekend itinerary builds in ample time for Vieques' many beaches, its unparalleled biobay, and some of its, well, odder attractions. Included are suggestions on where to eat, play, and party.

This is an island of unusual blends: idyllic beaches steps from military fortifications; rustic local life amid luxury tourist accomodations; a turbulent history in which local fishermen took on the U.S. Navy. And you get to witness it all.

How you get here will depend largely on your budget. If you can afford it, definitely fly from San Juan. The short trip will range in price from as little as $25 to around $100 and will save a ton of time; the only problem is that you cannot carry too much luggage with you. The cheaper option (and I mean two-dollar cheap) is to take the ferry from Fajardo ... but you need to get to Fajardo to do that.

When you come to Vieques, be sure to bring:

  • More than one bathing suit: you'll be in the water a lot.
  • Light, summer clothes: Although weather on the island is not quite the same as it is on the mainland, you most likely won't need warm clothes (and if it is too cold for shorts and tee shirts, then there's really no point in coming).
  • Sun block: an essential wherever you are in Puerto Rico.
  • Your camera: There are sights here that you won't see anywhere else.

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