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Team Spirit Takes You Hang Gliding in Puerto Rico

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Team Spirit Takes You Hang Gliding in Puerto Rico
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The Bottom Line

There's nothing quite like the experience of going hang gliding. Contrary to what you'd think, it's not a terrifying experience at all. On the contrary, it is both exhilerating and peaceful, the closest thing you'll get to seeing the world from a bird's perspective.

With Team Spirit, you get to try hang gliding in Puerto Rico, which provides the added advantage of breathtaking scenery, idyllic climate, and visibility for miles on a clear day. Just a short drive from San Juan, this is an experience the whole family can enjoy.


  • A fun, safe and wondrous experience for the first-timer or the pro
  • Breathtaking views of El Yunque National Rainforest
  • Relatively cheap, considering what you get


  • Check for weight and size restrictions
  • Flights depend on weather conditions (important during hurricane season)


  • Call 787-850-0508 or email tshg@coqui.net for more information.
  • Team Spirit's Pilot Instructor holds the highest rated license and has over 20 years of flight experience.
  • Team Spirit has accommodated flyers from age 6 up to 76.
  • Classes and courses for advanced training are also offered.

Guide Review - Team Spirit Takes You Hang Gliding in Puerto Rico

Team Spirit's' tandem discovery flights require no prior experience and little more than an adventurous spirit (and $139). Worried about safety? This is a fully licensed and rated school that teaches both hang gliding and paragliding.

Your Team Discovery experience begins in Cubuy, which is roughly a half hour away from San Juan toward the El Yunque National Rainforest. (You'll get driving directions when you make a reservation.) Before you take to the air, you'll run through some basic passenger skills and tips from your Hang Glider Pilot.

Then it's time to snuggle into the harness alongside your pilot/instructor/tour guide (this is a must if you want to fly), get a running start, and essentially sprint out into the sky. It might sound nerve-racking, but it's a surprisingly graceful, gentle takeoff.

Flight times vary depending on the winds, and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. In that time, you get to enjoy the magnificent landscape below you, highlighted by the lush carpet of the rainforest, and, in the distance, the sparkling shores of the beaches. The city of San Juan is also visible on a clear day (fortunately, Puerto Rico has plenty of these). If you're really lucky, you'll be joined in the air by a local hawk.

Team Spirit operates 7 days a week, and tandem tours are available in the morning and the afternoons. The tours cost $139 per person, and reservations are taken in advance with a deposit of $50 per person. Anyone under 18 is required to have a parent or legal guardian present, and passengers cannot exceed 220 pounds in weight or 6 feet 2 inches in height.

But if you're up for it (pardon the pun), this is a serene, spectacular excursion that shows you Puerto Rico's beauty from a whole new angle.

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