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The Best of Puerto Rico


Looking for the best restaurants, hotels, activities, beaches, and other entertainment on the island? Find all that, and more, in this section. From bargain hotels in San Juan to the best places to lose ... er, win all your money, you'll find the best that Puerto Rico has to offer here.
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The best lodging options in Puerto Rico depend greatly on budget and taste. Fortunately, the island offers a "best of" for everyone ... from best value hotels in the capital to the most kid-friendly properties on the island. Before you book a room, check this list to see what grabs your interest.

Food and Dining

If you go hungry in Puerto Rico, it'll be your fault. The island's gastronomy offers something for every palate. As for where to get the best local specialties, international menus, and most romantic settings ... well, just click below.

Attractions and Activities

I can't think of too many tropical islands where you can divide your day between visiting a five-hundred-year old fort, spelunking in an underground cave system, basking on a beach and gambling away the night. But Puerto Rico has it all. What's the best thing to do while you're here? The simple answer is, enjoy! But here are a few more detailed suggestions.


Puerto Rico is a justified shopping mecca. Local designers and the world's most exclusive brands will lure you into their shops. Jewelry shops abound. Souvenirs include excellent handmade works of excellent craftmanship. And even art collectors will have something to take home.

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