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A Visit to Heladeria Lares in Puerto Rico


A Visit to Heladeria Lares in Puerto Rico
Photo © Zain Deane
Puerto Rico has all kinds of unusual and interesting culinary destinations. There's Guavate, the Ruta de Lechón, or Lechón Highway; there's Luquillo, a road trip to roadside eateries that deserve their finger-licking fame; and then there's Heladería Lares, an ice cream shop that's famous in Puerto Rico for ... well, ice cream.

What makes it famous? Well, you can get chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream here. And you can get more exotic flavors, like almond, peanut, guava, and carrot. And then things get interesting. I sampled garlic ice cream, which proved to be non-sweet and garlicky enough to ward me off with ease. The rice 'n beans ice cream was essentially a frozen version of the immensely popular 'Rican dish. And even the plantain flavor was perhaps a bit more authentic than I would have enjoyed.

Love 'em or hate 'em, the boricua flavors (everything is homemade) at this ice cream parlor in the center of Lares town are tremendous fun to experiment (think of it as the ice cream equivalent of "Every Flavor Beans"), and brings people from all over the island to this small town in central Puerto Rico.

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