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Familiar Faces: The Music of Puerto Rico


One of the nicest things about traveling to Puerto Rico is its mix of the exotic and the familiar. Travelers who prefer not to go too far from the comforts of home will find a welcome embrace here, where their dollars work and the U.S. flag can be seen from government buildings.

Beyond that, you'll be surprised at the number of celebrities who are Puerto Rican, or come from Puerto Rican families. This tiny island has produced its fair share of superstars in virtually every entertainment genre, including sports, music, film, and world-famous body parts. (After all, where would JLo be without that backside? It's almost its own celebrity.)

Music is a huge part of the culture of the island, a blend of ingigenous, African, Spanish and American styles and instruments. It's also one of the ways Puerto Rico has catapulted itself onto the world stage. Don't believe me? Well, take a look at this gallery of A-list artists who have been rockin' the airwaves in the U.S. for years, even decades.

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Jennifer LopezDaddy YankeeTito PuenteMarc Anthony
Ricky MartinJosé Feliciano
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