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Details On Local Food, Customs, Beliefs, Fashion, Dance, Music

Get to know Puerto Rico! This section gives you a brief overview of the island's culture, including the local cuisine, fashion, customs, beliefs, and music and dance.
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Familiar Faces: Athletes of Puerto Rico
An image gallery of famous Puerto Rican athletes from mainstream sports in the U.S.

Familiar Faces: Movie and TV Stars of Puerto Rico
A gallery of famous TV and film stars of Puerto Rican descent.

Familiar Faces: Musicians and Singers of Puerto Rico
A gallery of famous Puerto Rican singers and musicians.

Myths, Legends, and Superstitions: The Folklore of Puerto Rico
Indian legends; blood-sucking monsters; religious miracles; war, love, and flying frogs ... it's all part of the folklore of Puerto Rico.

Salsa in Puerto Rico - Salsa Clubs in Puerto Rico
A handy list of clubs, bars and restaurants where you can show off your Salsa moves.

Music of Puerto Rico
A comprehensive site that explains -- and pays homage to -- the music that has shaped Puerto Rican culture. Learn about the instruments and types of music that have originated or been made popular on the island.

What if Puerto Rico was a U.S. State?
Puerto Rico has long wrestled with the question of its political status - imagine if it was the 51st U.S. state?

Puerto Rican National Anthem
Noel Estrada's "En Mi Viejo San Juan" is a lovely, melancholic ballad that has come to be a fitting anthem of Puerto Rico. Read more about Estrada and download his iconic song.

An Interview with Ronald Flores, Author of a New Book on Puerto Rico
An interview with Ronald Flores, a native Puerto Rican who has enjoyed a multifaceted career that has kept his focus on his beloved island.

The Story Behind the Vejigante Mask of Puerto Rico
The Vejigante Mask is one of Puerto Rico's most colorful arts and crafts. Learn the story behind these vibrant creations.

The Story behind the Santos of Puerto Rico
Santos, or hand-carved figurines of saints, represent one of Puerto Rico's most beautiful arts and crafts.

What's New in Puerto Rico in 2012
A list of new businesses and resources opening in 2012 in Puerto Rico. From clubs to hotels to restaurants, the island welcomes many new places for visitors to see and enjoy.

The Coquí: Puerto Rico's Tiny, Musical Mascot
The coquí is a tiny tree frog and the source of a lovely melody you can hear all over the island. Learn more about the coquí.

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