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Review of the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel

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Review of the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel
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The Bottom Line

The Condado Plaza Hilton has come a long way. When I last visited the hotel, the standards weren't as good as they are now. Guests to this renovated property will be surprised at all it has to offer, from a new restaurant from one of the island's great chefs, to a terrific lobby nightclub, to comfortable, chic rooms.

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  • Rooms are spacious and modern.
  • The full-service hotel has a casino, pool, nightclub, and terrific restaurant.
  • Excellent location kicking off the Condado strip.


  • The casino leaves something to be desired.
  • The business center is far more expensive than it should be.


  • If you can, book a room with an ocean view. It's worth the extra cost.
  • Don't forget to book at least one meal at Varitas, and indulge in roast pork, currasco, and other meatlover delights.
  • The fitness room, sauna and steam rooms are all open 24/7.
  • The hotel has three pools and two lighted tennis courts.

Guide Review - Review of Condado Plaza Hilton

There's a lot to love about the vastly improved Condado Plaza. Let's start with the lobby, which has a new look featuring plush booths and seating, tropical hues and one of San Juan's better nocturnal hotspots in Eternal Bar, Lounge and Club.

From here, move up to the rooms, which are bright, roomy, and furnished in a Miami-chic style. When you're ready to eat, check out Varita, San Juan's newest temple of meat and the brainchild of Wilo Benet, one of the most inventive chefs in Puerto Rico. And when you want to relax, the outdoor pool will do nicely, especially with poolside massages and an ample bar just a few steps away. The lobby-level balcony overlooking the ocean is also a nice spot to sip a cocktail and enjoy being in the Caribbean. The hotel also has ample meeting facilities, making it a convenient business hotel. The casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and while it may not have the swank styling of the El San Juan or the Ritz-Carlton, it will help you test lady luck.

Perched on the edge of the Condado neighborhood, the hotel has taken several steps in the right direction. If you've been here before, like me, you'll notice the difference as soon as you walk in. If you haven't, I recommend taking a closer look.

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