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San Juan: Puerto Rico's Capital City

San Juan is the largest city in the Caribbean and the center of culture, art, and history in Puerto Rico. With romantic and historic Old San Juan, dazzling beaches, resort casinos, and ancient monuments, the city offers something for everyone. It's no wonder that this is where people come to explore, to experience, and to play.
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Review of Zen Spa Retreat at the Sheraton Puerto Rico
The Zen Spa Retreat is one reason why the Sheraton Puerto Rico is one of San Juan's new premier hotel destinations.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Old San Juan
A guide to Old San Juan, the historic and cultural center of Puerto Rico, and the main attraction for most tourists. The walled city makes up San Juan's most beautiful and vibrant neighborhood, with boutique hotels, excellent restaurants, and over 400 years of history.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Miramar
A complete guide to Miramar, a business center that's making major tourism strides, thanks to its convention center, nautical club, and fine restaurants.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Hato Rey
A complete guide to Hato Rey, the San Juan neighborhood that's home to the Golden Mile financial district and the largest mall in the Caribbean.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Río Piedras
A complete guide to Río Piedras, the San Juan neighborhood dominated by the University of Puerto Rico. Just because it's a college town doesn't mean Río Piedras has nothing to offer; with botanical gardens, stadiums, a lovely park and a fine museum, there are reasons to venture out here.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Puerta de Tierra
A complete guide to Puerta de Tierra, the bridge between Old San Juan and the rest of the capital. Puerta de Tierra is small, but it has some interesting destinations. It's also the home of Puerto Rico's goverment.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Ocean Park
A complete guide to Ocean Park, a laid back community that lies between Condado and Isla Verde. Bohemian, nondescript, and a favorite of anyone who wants to get away from it all, Ocean Park is a welcome change of pace from its flashy neighbors.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Condado
A complete guide to Condado, one of San Juan's most exclusive districts thanks to its fashionable shopping, beautiful beach, and excellent dining.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Santurce
A complete guide to Santurce, one of San Juan's less touristic neighborhoods, but an area with plenty of character, cultural attractions and local hangouts.

San Juan Neighborhoods: Guide to Isla Verde
A complete guide to Isla Verde, including hotels, restaurants, attractions, cultural highlights, shopping, and nightlife.

Taxi, Bus, or Rental: Getting Around San Juan
Should you rent a car while you're in San Juan? Should you take taxis everywhere? How long does the bus take? Here's a breakdown of your transportation options in the capital city.

Gay San Juan Guide
Puerto Rico, and San Juan in particular, has a reputation as a gay-friendly city. And this comprehensive resource is a good introduction to the city's best bars, hotels, restaurants and nightlife that help the capital live up to its fame as a Gay tourist hotspot.

Areas Urban Guides
Areas Urban Guides are free, online tourist resources that help you get around San Juan. Look here for maps, businesses and concise overviews of Old San Juan, Condado and Isla Verde.

Gay and Lesbian Hangouts in San Juan
A listing of clubs and hangouts for gay and lesbian travelers in San Juan.

Review of La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce, San Juan
A review of La Plaza del Mercado, also known as La Placita, a traditional marketplace that morphs into an open-air party from Thursday to Sunday nights.

Five things to do in Metropolitan San Juan
Five things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico's vibrant, multifaceted capital that offers so much that it is, by itself, one of Puerto Rico's tourist regions.

5 Reasons to Visit the University of Puerto Rico
The University of Puerto Rico is the largest academic institution on the island. Check out what to see and do while on campus.

Visiting Bahía Urbana in San Juan
Bahía Urbana is a new urban project that combines living spaces, parks, retail and hotel accommodations. Lean more about Bahía Urbana.

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