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A Review of Ruth's Chris Steak House in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

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A Review of Ruth's Chris Steak House in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico
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The Bottom Line

For top-quality steak, decadent sides, and a classy environment, Ruth's Chris will fit the bill any time. Don't come here for Puerto Rican flavors, but do come when the carnivore in you demands to be sated.


  • Top-quality steaks offered in a variety of cuts, all with that signature sizzle.
  • The cajun-style barbecued shrimp makes for an excellent appetizer.
  • The atmosphere is old-school elegance.


  • Compared to the rest of the meal, the dessert (I had the creme brulee) failed to impress.
  • Of course, the menu is not for the budget-minded.


  • Ruth's Chris is located at the InterContinental San Juan Resort & Casino in Isla Verde. To reserve, call 787-253-1717.
  • Hours are 5:30 to 10 pm on weekdays and 5:30 to 11 on weekends. The restaurant also opens for brunch on Sunday from 11 to 3.
  • The soft lighting, rich wood and old-school charm give Ruth's Chris an old-school sophistication.

Guide Review - A Review of Ruth's Chris Steak House in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

I'll be honest; I tend to avoid chain restaurants, especially when I travel abroad and want to experience the local flavors. But when it comes to steak houses, you can't deny the quality, elegance and satisfaction that Ruth's Chris has delivered around the world. So when I had the chance to dine at the branch in the InterContinental, San Juan Resort & Casino, I was happy to do so.

Fortunately, this Ruth's Chris lives up to its name with pride. Among the most successful branches of the restaurant chain, Ruth's Chris combines the stately, wood-paneled style of an old-school establishment with the best quality USDA prime beef. Combine the professional service reminiscent of the most hallowed temples of meat, and this Ruth's Chris is a throwback that takes its steak seriously.

Our dinner began with a smash hit; the signature barbecued jumbo shrimp, sauteed New-Orleans style in a reduced white wine and butter sauce, liberally flavored with garlic and spices. From there, it was a tough call between the bone-in Cowboy Ribeye and the Surf 'n Turf, which, true to Puerto Rican flavors, combined a filet with a Caribbean lobster tail. I went with the latter.

Ruth's Chris is famous for searing their steaks to a perfect 1800 degrees and adding a finishing touch of fresh butter to make them sizzle; that sizzle will perk up any appetite, and my thick filet of corn-fed Midwestern beef was outstanding. I was equally impressed with the buttery lobster tail, which was surprisingly tender, given Caribbean lobster's relative toughness.

All in all, Ruth's Chris proved to be as satisfying an experience in Puerto Rico as it is all over the world. And that's a good thing.

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