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Puerto Rico Food - Food and Dining in Puerto Rico

From down-home neighborhood inns where the food consists of delicious local staples to exotic nouveau cuisine to deep-fried street food, dining in Puerto Rico is always a fun and enjoyable experience. Here's your guide to the local dishes, best restaurants, and culinary traditions around the island.
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Recipe for Puerto Rican Lechon, Roast Suckling Pig
A recipe for lechón, Puerto Rico's beloved roast suckling pig. This dish typifies local cuisine and is practically a Sunday ritual among Puerto Rican families.

Recipe for Puerto Rican Sofrito
A recipe for sofrito, the mix of herbs and vegetables that forms the base of most Puerto Rican cooking.

Puerto Rican Pasteles
Puerto Rican pasteles are a traditional staple of island cuisine, similar to a Mexican Tamale. This recipe, by Chef Giovanna Huyke, comes from her TV show, "La Cocina Puertorriqueña de Hoy," or "Today's Puerto Rican Cuisine."

Puerto Rican Recipes: Citrus Lobster Salad
Chef José Rolón's tangy loster salad infused with citrus flavors is a wonderfully light dish and a Demo Kitchen dish at Saborea 2010.

Where (and What) to Eat on Christmas in San Juan
As with many other holidays, Christmas in Puerto Rico comes with its own menu, and I've got all the juicy details for you here, including what to eat, how to prepare it (courtesy of The 'Rican Chef), and if you're in San Juan for the season, where to enjoy a Christmas dinner. Fortunately, many of these dishes can be found throughout the year at restaurants around the island, and the ones listed h…

The Cuisine of Puerto Rico: Five Foods You Have to Try
A list of the five most well-known and distinctive dishes of Puerto Rico. These classic meals show the range of the island's local cuisine, or Comida Criolla, and incorporate indigenous, Spanish and African recipes, ingredients and techniques. It's this mix of cultures that makes these five foods unique to Puerto Rico, and a must-try for visitors who enjoy experiencing exotic flavors.

The Food of Puerto Rico
An image gallery of typical foods in Puerto Rico, and some not-so-typical fusion cuisine, that make this island a gastronomic center in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico's Panaderías
Puerto Rico's panaderías , or bakeries, are far more than a place to get cakes and pastries in Puerto Rico. A panadería can be anything from a hole in the wall that sells bread and basic groceries to a full-blown restaurant and mini-mart. It’s a good way to experience a slice of daily life (and local bread), no matter what part of the island...

Unusual Foods of Puerto Rico
Food in Puerto Rico iss delicious, exotic, and, these days, rich in creative fusion flavors. But a culinary tradition this diverse obviously comes with its exotic side, and Puerto Rico has its share of dishes that might make you think twice before diving in. Here are just a few examples of the interesting, unusual, and just plain weird foods of Puerto Rico.

Piña Colada: A Recipe for a Puerto Rican Classic
A recipe for making Piña Colada, taken from the restaurant in Old San Juan where the cocktail was first made: Barrachina.

An Introduction to Rum
A terrific introduction to Puerto Rico's most prized liquid asset by the true expert: your About.com guide to cocktails.

All About Coffee in Puerto Rico
A summary of coffee in Puerto Rico, including how coffee is served, where to visit coffee plantations, and the history of the coffee industry on the island.

Rums of Puerto Rico
A comprehensive online resource that will tell you all you need to know about the island's favorite libation.

Buena Comida Guide to Restaurants
A handy online resource that lists restaurants throughout Puerto Rico by type of cuisine and location. Check out their top ten lists and featured restaurants for more in-depth reviews.

All About Puerto Rican Rum
A history of rum, Puerto Rico's most famous drink and its chief export. From the 1600s, this island has been producing the world's finest rum, following a tradition that continues to this day.

Food and Drink Festivals in Puerto Rico

With superstar chefs, award-winning restaurants and a culinary tradition that blends recipes and ingredients from the new world, the old world, and the world of fusion, Puerto Rico's gastronomy has become a huge draw for tourists. Pour a bit of Puerto Rican rum into mix, and you've got a recipe for world-class food and drink. To experience the best of island cooking (and drinking), check out these food festivals in Puerto Rico.

The Food of Christmas in Puerto Rico
As with any major holiday, Puerto Ricans have a particular menu for Christmas. Fruitcake, egg nog (as you know it) and ham take a back seat to island specialties. Not surprisingly, a certain roast suckling pig everyone knows and loves makes an appearance, but so do pasteles and tembleque and the 'Rican version of egg nog. Here's the full...

A Visit to Heladeria Lares in Puerto Rico
A visit to Heladeria Lares in Puerto Rico is more than a trip to the local ice cream shop.

What to Order at a Kiosk in Puerto Rico
Kiosks are an integral part of Puerto Rico's culinary tradition, but many people don't know what to order when they visit one. Here's a handy reference.

What Foods to Order at a Puerto Rican Restaurant
A handy reference to help you decipher what's on a typical menu at a Puerto Rican restaurant; these foods represent the most authentic dishes on the island.

Pork: Puerto Rico's Favorite Food
A list of pork dishes in Puerto Rico, representing many of its most populars foods and recipes.

Meet the Plantain: the most popular food of Puerto Rico
The humble plantain is used in many of my favorite foods of Puerto Rico. Enjoy mofongo, tostones, pastelón, amarillos, arañitas, and more with this versatile fruit.

Meet Sofrito: The staple sauce of Puerto Rico
Sofrito is a savory sauce used as a base for many of Puerto Rico's most popular and traditional dishes. Learn why sofrito is a staple of Puerto Rican cuisine.

Food and Drink Tours in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is known for its gastronomy. These food and drink tours will introduce you to the unique and tasty flavors of the island.

Dining at Kiosko El Boricua in Piñones
For authentic Puerto Rican food in an frills-free setting, head to Piñones. And when you're there, make sure to stop at Kiosko El Boricua for outstanding street food.

Rican Brew: 5 Puerto Rican Coffees Every Coffee Lover Should Try
Puerto Rican coffee has a long tradition and a proud heritage. Discover 5 of the best artisanal coffees in Puerto Rico, and enjoy a 'Rican cup of Joe.

Puerto Rican Food: An A to (Almost) Z Introduction
Puerto Rican food is rich, varied and often a mystery to first-time visitors. Enjoy this A to Z guide to some of the best foods in Puerto Rico.

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