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Where to go in Puerto Rico? You have many choices. There's San Juan, the bustling, vibrant, historic capital. Vieques and Culebra are two small islands that provide a whole new Puerto Rican experience; and the interior has its share of treasures, from the dazzling beaches of the west coast to the lush beauty of the El Yunque Reainforest. Come and discover Puerto Rico's many destinations.
  1. El Yunque (12)
  2. Historic Ponce (16)
  3. Porta Del Sol (10)
  4. The Rustic Experience (19)

Five things to do in Porta Atlántico
Porta Atlántico is Puerto Rico's newest tourist region. And the island is investing heavily in its newest destination, which lies along the northern coast of the island. Here are five ways to enjoy it.

Five Things to Do in Porta Caribe
Porta Caribe, or the Gateway to the Caribbean, lies in the south of Puerto Rico. It's a region with a unique story to tell, an aristocratic legacy, and a wonderful combination of natural and cultural attractions.

Five Things to Do in Puerto Rico's East Region
Puerto Rico's East region includes rainforests, tropical islands, bioluminescent bays, some of the island's finest beaches and a few of its most celebrated resort hotels.

Five Things to Do in Puerto Rico's Central Region
Puerto Rico's least-visited region offers pleasant surprises including two fantastic adventure travel destinations, an ice cream shop like no other, and a culinary journey to the land of roast suckling pork.

Get to Know Puerto Rico's Regions
An overview of the six tourist regions that make up Puerto Rico. Each one offers its share of adventures, attractions and unique destinations, and each is worth exploring.

A Tour of Puerto Rico's spectacular natural reserves
Visit Puerto Rico's natural reserves, or reservas naturales, and discover untouched ecosystems and pristine, verdant refuges for flora and fauna.

Discover the Natural Wonders of the Guanica Dry Forest
Discover the unique beauty of the Guánica State Forest. This subtropical dry forest, one of the natural wonders of Puerto Rico, is worth exploring.

5 Reasons to Visit Guánica, Puerto Rico
There are several reasons to visit Guánica, in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico. Visit a dry forest, Caribbean beaches, a local winery and more in Guánica.

Visiting the Doña Juana Falls in Puerto Rico

Discover the Charco Azul Natural Pool in Cayey, Puerto Rico

4 Reasons to Visit Luquillo
Luquillo is a municipality that offers great food, beautiful beaches, and close access to one of the wonders of Puerto Rico. Discover 4 reasons to visit Luquillo.

5 Reasons to Visit Caguas
A visit to Caguas is a journey to a unique cultural and picturesque town in the interior of Puerto Rico. Discover 5 reasons to visit Caguas.

From San Juan to Ponce - Adventures Along Route 52
Route 52 makes for a wonderful day trip from San Juan. Discover the town of Caguas, the natural beauty of Puerto Rico's interior, and much more.

Puerto Rico Destinations: An A to (Almost) Z Guide
Puerto Rico is a land of forests and beaches, mountains and islands, lagoons and coasts. Check out my A to Z guide to Puerto Rico destinations.

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