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Gay and Lesbian Hangouts in San Juan


Puerto Rico has long been considered one of the most gay-friendly islands in the Caribbean. With several nightclubs, bars, hotels and other venues welcoming gay and lesbian travelers, this is an open, warm, and friendly island.

If you're looking for a place to hang out at night, San Juan has plenty of options for you. These five hotspots, in particular, are among the best nocturnal destinations for open-minded tourists and locals in the capital.  

1. Krash Club

Puerto Rico's most famous gay club, Krash has been around for over 20 years and has long been the premier meeting point for gay and lesbian locals and tourists. The club has frequent special events, including a riotous annual Miss Krash contest.

Located on 1257 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Santurce, the club is a bit removed from the main tourist areas, but practically a must-visit for travelers looking to meet and mingle.

2. Circo Bar

Located near Condado in the Santurce neighborhood, Circo Bar is open every day and offers nightly DJ's, no cover, and a mix of environments at their video bar, outdoor smoking bar and dance bar. Thursday night is karaoke night.

3. Airenumo

Lesbian co-owners Mari Bianca and Luisa recently opened this bar and lounge, formerly Mirabueno Restaurant, on Tanca Street in Old San Juan. Saturday is the night to go, when they host their "Cabaret Nights." Airenumo is located on Calle Luna-Tanca 102 in Old San Juan. For more information, call 787-723-0984.

4. Starz Club

Also in Santurce, Starz gives Krash stiff competition for best nightclub for open-minded locals and tourists. The club is known for its thumbing techno and lavish theme parties.

5. Male Depot Private Club

Located in ... yup, Santurce! ... Male Depot is among the more hard-core gay bars in the city. Stippers, gogo boys, adult gay movies playing in the bar, and a darkroom in the back for more, er, intimate encounters.

6. Coqui del Mar

Photo © Coqui del Mar

Gay-owned, gay-friendly and it's hit #1 on TripAdvisor: not a bad combination. Most of its six units are apartment-style accommodations with full kitchens. All have private bathrooms, AC, WIFI, in-room safes, cable TV, and DVD players. Several rooms have flat screen TVs, IPOD docks and some have apple computers and steam showers. All that takes it from not bad to pretty good, especially given the price and location close to the beach in Ocean Park.



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