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Review of the Mandara Spa at the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach & Spa Resort, Puerto Rico

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Review of the Mandara Spa at the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach & Spa Resort, Puerto Rico
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The Bottom Line

Balinese-inspired pampering in Puerto Rico? You'll find it at Mandara, an oasis of relaxation and rejuvination at the Wyndham Rio Mar. Whether you're looking for healing hands, younger skin, a deep tissue rubdown following a long day of golf, or a simple manicure, Mandara will take care of you.


  • Expert, knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • The products, which include the Bliss line, are wonderful
  • It's a small detail, but I like the fact that tips are discreetly left in an envelop after treatment


  • A personal bias, but I prefer music in the massage room, and mine didn't have any.


  • Taking advantage of its environment, the Mandara spa uses pproducts indigenous to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
  • While the decor is Balinese in theme, Mandara incorporates treatments and therapies from all over the globe.
  • The spa's most complete packages are their Puerto Rico Awakening Experience and the almost 6-hour Salsa for the Soul.

Guide Review - Review of the Mandara Spa at the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach & Spa Resort, Puerto Rico

When a hotel puts "Spa" in their name, as does the Wyndham Rio Mar Beach & Spa Resort, and follows it up with "Resort," one is likely to expect a relaxing experience. Certainly, I had high hopes, particularly since I was in line for my first ever exfoliation. A long while (and a short nap) later, I rejoined the world, scrubbed, soothed and satisfied.

The Mandara Spa, a branch of the international luxury hotel spa company, takes its name from a Sanskrit legend about a god's quest to find the elixir of eternal youth and immortality. I'm not sure the spa can live up to that promise, but it sure can make you feel younger, fresher and more relaxed.

My experience at the Mandara began as soon as I put on the plush robe hanging in my locker. From there, I was ushered directly to one of the 11 treatment rooms in the 7,000 square-foot space. Since I was a newbie, my therapist, Maribel, helped me get comfortable and explained the basics of the Spring exfoliation she was about to give me. The scrub was a combination of sugar and citrus fruits, and would rejuvinate my skin while removing dead skin. Following the exfoliation and a quick shower to rinse off (the room was equipped with its own shower room), she would administer a massage.

If that sounds like I was thoroughly pampered, then that pretty much sums up the 90 minutes I spent at the hands of Maribel and Mandara. I've a new yardstick for measuring spas these days: if I fall asleep at the hands of my therapist, then not only is the massage exactly what I wanted, but I'm truly in a state of calm and peace. So I'm quite happy to report that Mandara, and Maribel, put me to sleep.

The Spring exfoliation is one of a number of services available at Mandara. The spa offers a variety of facials, massages (Maribel recommended the Mandara hot stone therapy for my next visit), body therapies and signature rituals. In addition, the spa has a full-service salon, steam room and state-of-the-art fitness center (the latter is available to any hotel guest). Check out their full menu.

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