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Things To Do in Puerto Rico


The variety of activities and attractions in Puerto Rico make it an island of continuous wonder. Lovers of art, culture and history will find world-class museums and ancient structures that precede anything on mainland USA. Gamblers will enjoy the many casinos around the island. Sunbathers can choose from over 270 miles of beaches. And for more active tourists, there's scuba diving, hiking, rock-climbing, spelunking, sailing, fishing, and kayaking ... and that's just a taste of what to do in Puerto Rico.
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History, Art & Culture

The rich heritage of Puerto Rico is preserved in its historic, cultural, and artistic institutions. Come and see traces of the old world in the new.

Beaches and Water Activities

On the water, under the water, and by the water, Puerto Rico's most prized natural treasures are its oceans and beaches.

Golfing, Hiking and Other Sports

Tourists can indulge in a variety of sports, ranging from a challenging golf-game to an adrenaline-pounding trip into a rainforest.

Tours and Sightseeing

Walking tours, guided tours, and tips on seeing the best of what Puerto Rico has to offer.


Clothing, jewelry, authentic Puerto Rican souvenirs, and the largest mall in the Caribbean. Shopaholics, bring an empty suitcase.


Puerto Ricans know how to have a good time. Bars, clubs, lounges and casinos keep the nights going all over the island.

Things To Do For ...

Niche activities for kids, couples, budget travelers, and more.

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