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Planning Your Trip to Puerto Rico


Thinking about taking your next vacation in Puerto Rico? Already booked your tickets to La Isla del Encanto, or the "Isle of Enchantment"? Here you'll find everything you need to maximize your time on the island, including suggested itineraries, airline and cruise information, answers to frequently asked questions, and other travel essentials that will make planning your trip a piece of cake.
  1. Before You Go
  2. Introducing Puerto Rico
  3. Find a Hotel
  4. Find a Restaurant
  5. Suggested Itineraries

Before You Go

So you've decided you want to be in Puerto Rico. Great decision! Here is some essential information you'll need before you set foot on the island. Details on how to get to Puerto Rico, when to go to Puerto Rico, and what to expect when you get there ... it's all right here.

Introducing Puerto Rico

Take a moment to learn about one of the most interesting islands you'll ever visit. Historically, geographically, culturally and even politically, Puerto Rico is unique in the Caribbean. Its diversity stems from a fascinating heritage; a true blend of cultures; and a vibrant, lively and welcoming spirit.

Find a Hotel

It goes without saying that Puerto Rico has lodging options for virtually every type of tourist. Whether you're on a budget or looking to splurge, traveling with the family or escaping for a romantic getaway, into rustic eco-lodges or posh boutique properties, you'll find a welcoming hotel on this island.

Find a Restaurant

Plan on gaining a few pounds when you come to Puerto Rico, because the local cuisine is excellent, the restaurants offer something for every palate, and the crispy snacks and finger foods will have you licking your fingers.

Suggested Itineraries

Step-by-step itineraries for weekend trips, seven-day holidays, and to specific parts of the island. Also, find a few ideas for specific niches (families, gay travelers, honeymooners, and more).

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