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A Weekend in Puerto Rico: A 3-Day Itinerary


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Day Two: Getting Out and About
A Weekend in Puerto Rico: A 3-Day Itinerary

La Mina Falls at El Yunque

Photo © Zain Deane

Day Two has you getting out of the city and seeing a whole new side of Puerto Rico. And there is no more dramatic change of scenery than the one from San Juan to the El Yunque National Rainforest.


  1. Pick up your rental car (you can take a guided tour, but the flexibility of having your own car will come in handy). Don't forget to bring your bathing suit!

  2. Take Route 3 east until it intersects with Route 191. You'll see signs for the rainforest. (By the way, on the road to the rainforest, in the town of Palmer, you'll pass by the Palmer Bakery; this is a good place to pick up sandwiches and pastries for a picnic lunch.)

  3. Make your first stop in the rainforest the El Portal Visitor Center, where you can pick up maps and hiking trail information.

  4. Take the La Mina Trail to the La Mina Falls, where you'll have the deliciously refreshing opportunity to wade through a shallow pool and dive under a natural waterfall.

  5. Enjoy El Yunque, ("The Anvil," so-called for its flat plateau) at your leisure, but be prepared to leave by mid-afternoon.

  6. Make your way back to Route 3 and continue east until you see signs for Luquillo Beach. This beautiful, palm-tree-lined beach is extremely popular with the locals both for its unspoiled view (there's not a high-rise in sight) and its excellent facilities. After the dense canopy of the rainforest, it's another dramatic change of scene.

  7. Heading back onto Route 3 towards the city, you'll soon come to a line of Kiosks. Do not drive on! Stop at this famous roadside institution and have a blast going from stall to stall, sampling all kinds of fried goodies and other snacks.

  8. Recharge for a bit and then hit the nightlife in Isla Verde. Wet, the rooftop lounge at The San Juan Water & Beach Club and Brava, the club at the El San Juan Hotel & Casino, are two of the best places to go after the sun goes down.

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