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Planning Your Trip

Don't leave home without the basics! Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico? Should you fly or take a cruise? Do you know when hurricane season hits? Get the facts before you travel.
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Green is Good: Sustainable Tourism in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has taken tremendous strides in developing sustainable tourism programs and businesses. Discover the eco-tours, green hotels and blue flag beaches that make Puerto Rico an eco-tourist paradise.

Booking Your Puerto Rico Vacation Reservation
Search for the best prices on flights and hotels, and link to my favorite

How Safe is Puerto Rico?
A list of frequently asked questions about safety in Puerto Rico, including details on crime, health, and emergency numbers.

A Guide to Budget Travel to Puerto Rico
A comprehensive resource for the budget-minded traveler, from cheap hotels around the island, to great bargain restaurants, to free activities. These tips should help save you some money when you plan your Puerto Rican vacation.

Safety Tips for Travelers to Puerto Rico
Basic tips to help you stay safe on your visit to Puerto Rico.

Six reasons to visit Puerto Rico in Hurricane Season
Visiting sun-splashed Puerto Rico in the middle of hurricane season sounds like a terrible idea, doesn't it? After all, who wants to spend a week looking out their hotel room at a rain-soaked beach? Well, before you look to other destinations, take a closer look at why Puerto Rico might just be an excellent off-season destination.

7 Days in Paradise: An Itinerary for Your Puerto Rico Vacation
A step-by-step itinerary for a seven-day Puerto Rico vacation, including where to go, what to see and do, where to dine, and other useful tips.

Planning Your Puerto Rico Vacation
Tips, suggestions, and ideas to help you plan your Puerto Rico vacation, including where to visit, where to stay, what to see, and what you need to know before you travel.

Puerto Rico Over the Weekend: A 3-Day Itinerary
Traveling to Puerto Rico for the weekend? Take a look at this three-day itinerary, which will guide you through historic Old San Juan, lush and tropical El Yunque, and the ritzy resort strip.

Five Ways to Have Fun in Puerto Rico on a Rainy Day
Whether it's hurricane season or just an off-day of bad weather, rain in Puerto Rico can dampen your beach-going ambitions. Never fear: here are five ways to have fun in Puerto Rico on a rainy day.

Travel Time to Puerto Rico from Major U.S. Cities
Length of time it takes to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico from major cities in the U.S.

Why You Should Host Your Event or Function in Puerto Rico
For a small island, Puerto Rico sees a lot of activity from just about every travel group: tourists, honeymooners, business travelers and even those looking for a tropical retirement home. One of the island's strengths is its ability to host large groups, a variety of events, and virtually any type of corporate function.

Travel and Sports Magazine
One of Puerto Rico's main tourism resources, Travel and Sports Magazine is frequently updated and provides detailed overviews of each region on the island. Browse through the site to help you plan what to see and do when you get to Puerto Rico.

The Girls' Guide to Puerto Rico
An interesting resource for women, the Girls' Guide to the World has a section on Puerto Rico Travel, with their choices for top places to stay, eat, drink, shop, and more.

Tips for Traveling During Hurricane Season
Tips for safety and preparedness for travelers who find themselves in Puerto Rico when a hurricane hits.

How to Get Around in Puerto Rico
Need help getting around Puerto Rico? Here are your transportation options on the ground, including ferries taxis, and airlines that service the island.

How to Get Around in Puerto Rico
Need help getting around Puerto Rico? Here are your transportation options on the ground, including ferries taxis, and airlines that service the island.

Get to Know Puerto Rico's Regions
An overview of the six tourist regions that make up Puerto Rico. Each one offers its share of adventures, attractions and unique destinations, and each is worth exploring.

Allen's Puerto Rico Honeymoon
Reader Allen recounts his unforgettable Puerto Rico honeymoon vacation.

The Rise of Medical Tourism in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is an attractive destination for many reasons. Proximity, ease of access, and the warm Caribbean sun all make this a popular choice for a holiday. And the same factors make Puerto Rico an ideal choice for medical tourism.

Spring Break in Puerto Rico
A few reasons why Puerto Rico is a destination worth looking into for Spring Break

How Puerto Rico is Enticing High-Income U.S. Residents to Move to the Island
Puerto Rico is making it more attractive than ever for high-income U.S. residents to move to the island. Learn why living in Puerto Rico might appeal to millionaires.

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