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San Juan Surfing Info


San Juan Surfing Info

Yup, that's me, learning how to fall ... er, fly .... er, surf!

What Is Wow Surfing?:

Wow Surfing is a surfing school run by a world-class pro and his team of experienced surfers. William "Chino" Sue-A-Quan provides the know-how and the equipment to teach anyone, from the raw beginner who doesn't know how to stay upright on a surf board (that would be me) to an expert. Surf lessons are completely bilingual and, for the beginner, quite safe, as you are under the supervision of your instructor and you're not exactly tackling ten-foot tubes. Best of all, the staff is expert, friendly, and above all, patient.

Where Do They Teach?:

Thanks to Wow, you don't have to leave San Juan and head to Rincón, Puerto Rico's surfing mecca, to find a good surf school. These guys are based in the capital and offer lessons in one of two central locations: a soft, sandy section of the Isla Verde beach strip called Pine Grove, which is ideal for beginners, and at Escambrón Beach in Puerta de Tierra, near the Caribe Hilton and Hotel Normandie.

I'm A Beginner: Will I Break Every Limb In My Body?:

In truth, I was a bit intimidated when I set out for my first lesson. Surfing isn't something I've never been keen to try. Following an hour of falling into the water (in some cases quite gracefully) and about ten seconds of standing triumphantly on my board, my whole outlook about the sport changed. This is in some part due to the fact that Wow made my first surfing experience completely safe. The waves we had were small enough that they were no threat, and my (and my friends') numerous falls were cushioned by the soft sand. You might be sore afterwards, but if anything gets hurt, it's the ego, and those heal fast.

What Will I Learn and How Long Will It Take? :

The hour-long lessons are divided into three levels:
  • Basic lessons will teach you how to balance yourself on your board, how and when to stand and ride the miniscule waves. It's a ton of fun.
  • Intermediate classes take students to more challenging waves, teach them about wave selection, perfecting their style, and more advanced techniques.
  • Advanced lessons are for those who know there stuff and need to improve their skills. This is a good course for those interested in competing, doing the moves we see in movies, and even how to get sponsored professionally.

The Bottom Line:

Wow Surfing is an excellent resource for people at all levels of the surfing spectrum, and is worth a call or email when you're in San Juan.
  • Phone: 787-955-6059.
  • E-mail: info@gosurfpr.com
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