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A Walking Tour of Old San Juan


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Final Stop: The Raíces Fountain
A Walking Tour of Old San Juan

The Raíces Fountain at Night

Photo © Zain Deane
If you've timed this tour just right, it will be close to sunset by the time you leave La Rogativa. Retrace your steps down Recinto Oeste Street and walk through the San Juan Gate. You're now on the Paseo del Morro, a winding path that hugs the city wall and snakes around the city. Take a left and enjoy the stroll, with the water on one side and the mighty walls on your left. The road leads you directly to the magnificent Raíces Fountain, one of the most romantic spots in Old San Juan.


  • The Raíces, or "Roots," Fountain celebrates Puerto Rico's Taíno, Spanish, and African heritage.
  • The fountain is lovely during the day, when you can see little children dancing amid its spouts of water, but breathtaking in the evening, as the sun sets behind it. It makes for a fitting conclusion to the tour.
  • Continue walking along the Paseo La Princesa (there are stalls and vendors selling snacks and souvenirs along the way), which will lead you back to Plaza de la Dársena.

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