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A Walking Tour of Old San Juan


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Sixth Stop: La Rogativa
A Walking Tour of Old San Juan

La Rogativa

Photo © Zain Deane
When you exit La Fortaleza, take a left and follow the road as turns west. You're now on Recinto Oeste Street. Keep walking along this road. You'll pass by the San Juan Gate, the last remaining gate out of the original five that once marked the only passages into the walled city. Continue heading north until you get to Caleta Las Monjas. Take a left and you'll see the Plazuela de La Rogativa straight ahead.


  • La Rogativa means "The Procession," and the sculpture shows a procession of faithful catholics holding torches and crosses aloft.
  • It is known that the procession took place in 1797, an act of faith during an invasion of Puerto Rico by the British. However, the legend goes that Sir Ralph Abercrombie, seeing the figures in the distance and believing they were Spanish reinforcements, gave up the attack.
  • Look out across the water for a beautiful view of the city wall and La Fortaleza.

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