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A Walking Tour of Old San Juan


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Third Stop: El Cuartel de Ballajá
A Walking Tour of Old San Juan

The Cuartel de Ballajá

Photo © Zain Deane
From El Morro, walk back across the lawn, cross Norzagaray Street, and you'll find yourself facing the Cuartel de Ballajá.


  • The Cuartel de Ballajá, or "Ballajá Barracks," housed Spanish tropps during the 1800s, and later was the quarters for American soldiers following the Spanish-American War.
  • The building was used as a military hospital during World War II.
  • Now, the second floor of barracks has been devoted to the Museo de Las Americas, which has three permanent collections: the African Heritage, the Indian in America, and Popular Arts in America.

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