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Review of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

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Review of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican Museum of Art is a stunning facility and one of the premier arts centers in the Caribbean.

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The Bottom Line

If you love art and enjoy museums, quite simply, don't miss the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. San Juan's newest museum is its flagship center for art and culture, and the city spared no expense or effort in putting together a lovely space, an impressive collection of local art, frequent exhibits, and a very cool garden. The only drawback to this place? It's a cab ride from the main tourist spots.


  • The museum is a world-class showcase for Puerto Rican art.
  • The museum is free on Wednesdays from 2-8 pm.
  • Considering the $6 admission ($3 for kids), it's great value for the money.
  • Great museum gift shop!


  • Located in Santurce, it's a bit far from all the tourist zones.


  • The largest museum in San Juan is also its youngest and flashiest center of art and culture in the capital.
  • If you can, check the calendar for any night-time events, which are often among the best bashes in the city.
  • The museum is located at Avenida De Diego 299 in Santurce. For more information, call 787-977-6277.

Guide Review - Review of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

For an island known far and wide for its beaches, natural beauty, history, and rum(!), Puerto Rico has a thriving arts scene. From the many lovely galleries dotting Old San Juan to the boutique museums celebrating the island's diverse cultural roots, there is plenty for the art lover to enjoy. And leading the artistic charge is the modern, expansive and rewarding Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, or Puerto Rico Museum of Art.

Opened in July 2000, the museum, while relatively young, has amassed an impressive permanent collection of over 1,100 pieces dating from the 17th century and focusing on Puerto Rican artists. These range from José Campeche, Puerto Rico's most renowned master, to the modern leaders of the local art scene like Nick Quijano to the island's emerging talent. The museum also has outstanding and frequent exhibitions, featuring renowned artists like Basquiat and focusing on local and regional themes.

Beyond the collections, the museum places emphasis on art education and children. Their activARTE Gallery is a creative, fun space for kids to explore and discover the basics of art in its various forms and mediums. And the workshops (both for adults and kids) teach drawing, painting, digital photography, and even how to view art.

Finally, don't miss the fantastic sculpture garden outside, which wraps around the lily pond and offers a welcome outdoor complement to the museum (I particularly love the mini stone armchairs).

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is a proud chronicle of Puerto Rican art, and the multi-million dollar investment, highlighted by a beautiful main hall bathed in multi-colored light from a magnificent stained glass mural, is a worthy destination for any tourist.

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