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Before You Book Your Hotel, Here's a Tip on Where to Stay in Culebra


For a small island, Culebra has its share of lodging options. There are a few resorts, several more rustic inns, and even a large camping ground. But there is one other option: for those who want to live in high style when they stay in Culebra, consider renting a private home. Before you make a reservation, check out what some of these homes have to offer. You'll be amazed at what you can get.

Casa Zoni

Located on a hill overlooking Zoni beach, Casa Zoni is a spacious 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home. The property features spectacular views, a lovely open-air wood-paneled kitchen, and a wide, wrap-around porch complete with hammock and rocking chairs. You're only 500 yards from the beach.

Villa Melones

Overlooking Melones point, this gorgeous villa is one of the best luxury properties in Culebra. Owner Susan Hubbell will pick you up at the airport and take you to the house, and you might never want to leave. Villa Melones boasts high, vaulted ceilings with wooden beams reminiscent of a lodge in the mountains. There are three well-appointed bedrooms, a small pool on the premises, and a road leading directly down to Melones Beach. But the crown jewel of the property is the hammock-stocked deck with its stunning panoramic view of the sea, Cayo Luis Peña, and Melones point. A two-night minimum stay is required.

La Casita

This charming cottage, ideal for couples, is owned and managed by Walter and Monica of Culebra Divers, and is located next to their home. (You won't find nicer neighbors while you're on the island.) Smaller than many rental homes, this cozy property is one of the more affordable options on the island. Throw in the four-poster bed, full kitchen, porch with barbecue grill, and a wading pool with views of the bay, and it's quite a bargain. Also, while most private rentals require a week, La Casita has only a three-night minimum. It’ located outside of the main town, so you will need to rent a car to get here.

Casa and Casita Coqui

Definitely one of the funkier homes on the island, Casa Coqui and the adjacent Casita Coqui are nestled in the hills overlooking Manglar Bay. The home is actually three interconnected buildings which are both rustic (stone walls, open-air showers, walkways between the buildings) and cozy. The smaller Casita has its own charm, with its sloped wooden roof, tiled floor and writing desk.

Casa Del Mar and Casita Del Mar

If you're planning a trip for the whole family or a for a big group, you'll be in heaven here. The Casa and the smaller Casita del Mar are two adjacent homes that can be rented separately or together. Both are steps from the water (there is a wooden walkway leading down to the ocean). Both have a clean, contemporary look to them. But while the Casita is the more intimate of the two, the Casa gets the nod for its view: the electronic shutters rise to a reveal a magnificent glittering ocean. Kayaks are available for your use.

Casa Nueva

Casa Nueva is one of the newer properties, and one of the few that are located in the main town of Dewey. The place is architecturally appealing, adopting clean modern lines that could be at home in Miami. Inside, the three bedrooms, modern kitchen, and tiled floors continue the minimalist look. Wooden French doors open out to a covered balcony with views of the bay.
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