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The Gallery Inn: A Unique San Juan Hotel

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The Gallery Inn: A Unique San Juan Hotel
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The Bottom Line

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more artistic and friendly place to staty than Old San Juan's Gallery Inn. Owners Jan D'Esopo and her husband Manuco have created a calm, intimate atmosphere that's ideally suited to vacationing couples and those who love to stay in smaller, boutique properties.


  • Beautifully appointed rooms in a colonial era house.
  • Friendly hosts, including the unforgettable Social Director Campeche.
  • The inn is truly an art gallery.


  • It's a bit removed from the rest of the city.
  • It's an old building, with old pipes and plumbing.


  • The rate includes a breakfast buffet with fresh tropical fruits.
  • The Inn has 22 individually decorated rooms which include Tempur-Pedic Swedish design mattresses and pillows.
  • Ask about the Inn's packages and discounts. The summer season is a particularly good time to look for deals.

Guide Review - The Gallery Inn: A Unique San Juan Hotel

Perched on the edge of the city on Norzagaray Street, The Gallery Inn is a welcoming oasis of art, culture and comfort. As soon as you enter the gates, you'll feel the difference from the typical hotel.

Sculptures, paintings and fountains adorn the 300-year-old home. The welcome party includes Social Director Campeche, the snow-white cockatoo (along with other exotic tropical birds), and a pleasant, amiable staff. And each room is decorated in a distinct style, with four-poster beds and period furniture complementing the art.

This is a place where guests are invited to feel at home, to explore and mingle. The common areas include a beautiful music room featuring a grand concert Steinway piano; a rooftop deck with lovely views of the city and the ocean; and the comfy lobby area. Guests and hosts can get together every evening for a wine and cheese reception, and you might even be treated to an impromptu candle-light concert if a well-known musician drops by to say hi to the D'Esopos.

The Inn is a different kind of lodging option. It doesn't have the amenities of a big-budget hotel, like a gym, a business center, or room service. It caters especially to vacationing couples looking for a romantic getaway. And it will welcome you with open arms if you choose to stay there.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Not as appears, Member PRmeencanta

I used to work at this hotel. Jan Esposo and her husband Manuco nickel and dime their customers at any opportunity. Most people like the 1 or 2 days they spend with these people. If they only knew the caniving that goes into to finding every reason to hike prices before and after arrival. Some of the rooms on the new side of the hotel are nice. While others are a 2 star level with a 5 star price tag, without windows, dingy, and one actually has the shower along the bedside with only a curtain to hide it. If the hotel had reasonable prices it would not be to bad, but, as I said before, they charge an arm and a leg for simple accommodations. The birds are another thing to mention, they screem (litterally) all hours of the night. The staff, following the lead of the owners, jan desposo and manuco, have no respect for their guests unless you on are the A-list. Just an inside warning. If you are looking for something historica and unique, you are better off with El convento

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