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Nuyorican vs. Puerto Rican


Definition: Did you know that there are roughly 4 million Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico? And another 4 million living in the U.S.? Puerto Ricans have been coming to the U.S. for decades, but the greatest migration of islanders occurred from the 1940s to the 1970s.

A majority of Puerto Ricans settled in New York City, and from there came a deeply artistic, musical, and cultural wellspring from a community that has come be known as Nuyorican. The Nuyorican soul is best expressed in its poetry, music (Tito Puente's iconic anthem "Oye Como Va" is a great example), and the fierce pride of the community that continues to bear the name in New York. The annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in Manhattan is a vibrant, raucous celebration of the community's cultural heritage.

But are Nuyoricans Puerto Rican? Funnily enough, islanders tend to have a negative view of their cousins across the water. For some native Puerto Ricans, "Nuyorican" is a derogatory term; and yet, the best place to get your salsa on, hear poetry slams and catch awesome live music in Old San Juan is the Nuyorican Cafe.

Bottom line, Nuyoricans are a community with deep Puerto Rican ties along with a strong sense of New York identity (although some believe the term applies to anyone of Puerto Rican descent born in the U.S.).

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