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A Look at Puerto Rico's Past and Present

Puerto Rico is a fascinating destination with a proud heritage that celebrates the Indian, Spanish, African, and American people who have helped shape it. Explore the island's rich history, from its origins as a Spanish military outpost to its present status as a U.S. Commonwealth.
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Sports in Puerto Rico: Where to Play, What to Watch, and When to Go.
A tropical island with ideal weather, diverse geography, ocean and sea water makes for a natural paradise for athletes and fans of a variety of sports. Here's a rundown of what you can play and watch around Puerto Rico, throughout the year.

Ten Historical Anomalies Of Puerto Rico
Any destination with a history as rich as Puerto Rico's is bound to have its share of quirky events, unusual moments and unique discoveries. Drowned "gods," ancient burial sites and even mongooses have contributed to the historical oddities to be found on the island today.

Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Puerto Rico
The largest radio telescope in the world? One of the oldest churches in the New World? A mini Galapagos Island? Yup ... it's all here in Puerto Rico. Find out what else you may not have known about this island.

The Relationship Between Puerto Rico and the U.S.
Puerto Rico and the U.S. have an interesting and unusual relationship that blurs the boundary between statehood and independence. Many travelers to Puerto Rico are curious about this political, social and economic balance; this FAQ answers some of their questions.

Unusual Puerto Rico
A gallery of some of the unusual aspects of Puerto Rico that help make it such a rich destination for adventurers and tourists from all over the world.

Basic Facts and Figures About Puerto Rico
General information about Puerto Rico, including size, location, population, government, climate, customs and beliefs, currency, and crime and safety.

Podcasts from Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico comes iPod ready! Visit this link for a list of available podcasts focusing on tourism in the island. There's a great walking tour of Old San Juan, tips from a local fashion designer, and ideas for excursions to other parts of the island.

Discover Puerto Rico With Zay Harding
An excellent online site on Puerto Rico tourism featuring Men's Health Journal correspondent Zay Harding. An clickable map lets you explore the five main areas of the island, and a video takes you straight to the island.

See Puerto Rico
An amazing gallery from photographer Elliott Erwitt, chronicling the island's past and its present. If you want an idea of what makes this island so charmming, so welcoming, and so unique, take a look at Puerto Rico through the lens of Elliott Erwitt.

Movies in Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico in the Movies!
Movies in Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico in the Movies!

The Best of Puerto Rico - 10 ways Puerto Rico is #1.
For a small island, Puerto Rico has an amazing array of attractions, natural wonders, and historic sites that aren't just breathtaking, but unique in the world. Here are wo

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