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Review of El Conquistador Resort Hotel in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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Review of El Conquistador Resort Hotel in Fajardo, Puerto Rico
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The Bottom Line

A resort unlike any other, El Conquistador offers more to its guests in amenities, perks and activities than any other hotel in Puerto Rico. Once you enter, you'll find it hard to leave.


  • With a golf, spa, marina, water park, casino, and private island, this resort has got it all.
  • 10 different room types give guests options for different budgets and preferences.
  • Excellent meeting and convention facilities.


  • Its huge size can lead to long walks just to get around.
  • Relatively isolated, requiring a bit of effort to explore beyond its borders.


  • If you want the complete resort experience, look no further than the El Conquistador, which offers something for everyone.
  • The only hotel in Puerto Rico with a cable car, water park, and private island.
  • The hotel is located at 1000 El Conquistador Avenue in Fajardo. Call 888-543-1282 or 787-863-1000 for more info.
  • This place isn't for everyone; if you want to be immersed in Puerto Rican culture and history, look elsewhere.

Guide Review - Review of El Conquistador Resort Hotel in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Perched on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico in Fajardo and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the El Conquistador Resort, a Waldorf Astoria property, overwhelms at first site. As you enter through its gates, drive past the Arthur Hills Golf Course (one of the best in Puerto Rico), and arrive at the airy lobby and reception, you still don't get the full magnitude of this place.

Walk past the lovely amorphous pool that winds around the main house, to the funicular cable railway that takes you to yet another pool, private marina, the very cool coqui water park (it's the only hotel to boast one in Puerto Rico) and a second wing of guest rooms, and then, perhaps, you can start to appreciate all that the El Con has to offer. And that's before you treat yourself to the award-winning Golden Door Spa, take a gamble at the casino, dine at its five restaurants, or take a jaunt to the lovely private island of palominos.

Yup, this place really does offer more to its guests than any other hotel in Puerto Rico. When I stayed here, I spent a happy time enjoying the many amenities, services and perks the hotel had to offer. But I have to point out that El Con isn't for everyone. Those who want to be immersed in Puerto Rican culture and history would be happier at other hotels; the El Con is a paradise removed from the rest of the island, and offers a Caribbean escape that's different from other places on the island.

The accommodations are bright, airy and decorated in a modern tropical style. Guests can choose from a variety of options, from garden view standard rooms to luxurious one to three bedroom villas, removed from the main house. All accommodations come with iHome docks, plasma TVs, and mini refrigerators.

If and when you do want to get out and explore, Fajardo has its gems. The Seven Seas Beach is dazzling; the biobay is a glow-in-the-dark treat that should not be missed; and the El Yunque Rainforest isn't far away.

But the best of El Con lies within its borders, which offers a resort experience that caters equally to families (check out this photo gallery from Teresa Plowright, About.com Guide to Family Vacations), business travelers, and honeymooners.

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