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Puerto Rico Hotels

Where to Stay When You Visit the Island


Puerto Rico Hotels
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Puerto Rico's lodging options for guests range from ultra-chic boutique hotels to sprawling resorts to guest houses that will accommodate almost any budget; in fact, I can even throw in a campground or two into the mix. Here's what I've compiled so far from my researches and experiences on the island. We start, of course, with the best of the best:

Puerto Rico's ...

Hotels in San Juan
Naturally, San Juan has the greatest concentration of hotels on the island. Puerto Rico's capital has a room for every budget and almost every preference: beachfront, boutique, casino (only hotels are allowed to operate casinos), historic, modern ... it's all here.

The Best ...

Hotels by Neighborhood
Old San Juan - The touristic and historic heart of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan has a collection of fine historic hotels, boutique properties and just one major chain:

  • Hotel El Convento - Timeless, beautiful, and unique: a classic in the old city.
  • Chateau Cervantes - Chic, boutique, and sumptuous, if pricey, property.
  • The Gallery Inn - An intimate and welcoming old house that's been converted into an artistic gem of an inn.
  • Sheraton Old San Juan - The largest hotel in Old San Juan and the only one in the oldy city with a casino.
  • Da House- Funky, affordable and bohemian, with extra touches that will appeal to any artist.
  • Hotel Milano - Well-priced, centrally located boutique hotel right on hip and happening Fortaleza Street.
Puerta de Tierra - The neighborhood that bridges Old San Juan and the tourist strip of Condado and Isla Verde is home to two storied hotels:
  • The Caribe Hilton - A large property with everything you could ask for, including several restaurants and bars, pools and gardens, and a variety of guestroom categories.
  • Normandie Hotel - A romantic tribute designed and modeled after an ocean liner.
Condado - The beginning of the beachfront tourist strip that stretches away from Old San Juan across the northern coast, Condado is home to large hotels as well as a few smaller inns and budget accommodations. Ocean Park - A quiet neighborhood between the resort strips of Condado and Isla Verde, the community of Ocean Park has a smattering of small hotels and guest houses favored by those who want to get away from the bustling tourist crowds and yet take advantage of the beach:
  • El Prado Rentals - One of the best bargains in the city, El Prado offers terrific deals on apartments and even whole homes in Ocean Park.
  • Numero Uno Guest House - Literally on the beach, this tiny hotel has just a few rooms, a microscopic pool, and one of the best restaurants in the area.
  • Tres Palmas Inn - A cute and welcoming guest house, Tres Palmas exemplifies the Ocean Park experience.
Isla Verde - The large curve of the Isla Verde Beach has naturally given rise to a cluster of prominent luxury hotels and cheap inns that hug the coast. There are also a few good choices that lie near the airport:
  • El San Juan Hotel & Casino - My favorite hotel in Isla Verde is a throwback to the grand old days.
  • The Water & Beach Club - Once the coolest property in San Juan, this boutique hotel still carries a reputation as an ultra-hip destination for the discerning traveler.
  • The Holiday Inn San Juan - An affordable option just a few blocks from the Isla Verde Beach, a few minutes to the airport, and plenty of little perks to make you feel more comfortable.
  • The Ritz-Carlton San Juan Hotel, Spa & Casino - One of the elite hotels in San Juan, the Ritz brings its brand of class and quality to this stylish property.
  • InterContinental San Juan - A large, elegant hotel right on the beach, but a bit lacking in local flavor.
  • ESJ Towers - A favored option for many tourists, ESJ offers apartment rentals right on the beach.
  • The Coqui Inn - A budget option in Isla Verde, the Coqui Inn is basic but lies close to all that Isla Verde has to offer.
  • Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort - An affordable, family-friendly hotel right on the eastern edge of Isla Verde, the Courtyard is one of the last hotels on the strip.
  • Holiday Inn San Juan - A large and budget-friendly hotel, the Holiday Inn is pleasant and close to the airport as well as the main avenue of Isla Verde.
  • Best Western San Juan Airport Hotel & Casino - The closest hotel to the airport isn't my top choice in Isla Verde, but it's convenient and has a large casino.
  • Embassy Suites San Juan - It's not near the beach, but the Embassy Suites is a nice option, thanks to its ample rooms, inviting pool, and tempting amenities.
Miramar - Miramar doesn't offer much for the casual tourist, but a few hotels are available to those who want to be near the convention center:

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