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Don't know where you want to stay? Need budget accommodations? Or maybe you're interested in finding the best hotel for your kids ... you'll find the hotel that suits your holiday here.
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My Favorite Hotel Restaurants in Puerto Rico
A completely subjective list of my favorite hotel restaurants in Puerto Rico. While a good hotel may not always have a good restaurant, a good restaurant will almost always elevate a hotel ... at least, it does for me!

Puerto Rico Hotels - Best Hotels to Party in Puerto Rico
A list of the best hotels in Puerto Rico to hang out at night. These lodging destinations offer some of the island's hottest clubs, coolest lounges, best casinos and most popular places to chill out and mingle once the sun goes down.

Review of Hotel Meliá in Ponce, Puerto Rico
A review of the Hotel Meliá, a family-run institution that exemplifies the old-fashioned charm of Ponce, Puerto Rico's picturesque second city.

Puerto Rico Hotels
Check out this comprehensive listing of hotels in Puerto Rico, including reviews and "best of" lists. Hoetels, B&Bs, inns, resorts and guest houses are sorted by city or destination as well as by category.

Puerto Rico's Best Boutique Hotels
What, exactly, makes a hotel "boutique"? It's the term for small, non-chain properties that offer something unique, and usually of a certain quality standard. Here are Puerto Rico's best.

The Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel in Puerto Rico
An image gallery of the Horned Dorset Primavera in Rincón, along with ten reasons why I consider it the best hotel in Puerto Rico. For an unforgettable intimate retreat, you can't beat this one-of-a-kind boutique property.

The List: The Best Puerto Rico Hotels For ...
My list of the best hotels in Puerto Rico in ten different categories, ranging from the story behind its construction, to where to see the "in" crowd, to art and architecture.

Review of Caribe Playa Beach Resort Hotel in Patillas
A review of Caribe Playa Beach Resort, a small and rustic hotel right on the Caribbean Sea in Puerto Rico's Southeast Coast, also known as Porta Caribe.

The Ponce Hilton: A Jewel in the Pearl of the South
Located in historic Ponce, the Ponce Hilton is an architectural complement to Puerto Rico's colonial second city. With a golf course, casino, gourmet restaurant and other amenities, the Hilton is a clear favorite for travelers to this part of the island.

Surf 'n Stay in Rincon at 787 Surf
Surf. Stay. And in peak season, even dine at one destination in Rincon. Surf 787 splits its time, offering an adult resort in the winter months (December to April) and a kids' camp in the summer months. It's a cool, unique spot for people who love surfing, or want to learn from the pros.

Most Romantic Hotels in Puerto Rico
From hidden mountain retreats to sumptuous artistry in the heart of the old city, there are plenty of hotels that will appeal to the romantic in you. These properties win my vote for most love-inducing of them all.

The Top 5 Kid-Friendly Hotels in Puerto Rico
Five hotels that go out of their way to make children comfortable. If you're planning a Caribbean vacation with the family, check out what they offer to your little VIPs.

Where to Stay in El Yunque
Rustic inns, bed & breakfasts, and eco-lodges: that's what awaits you in El Yunque, and once you get to know the rainforest, you won't have it any other way.

Review of Wildflowers Guest House in Boquerón, Puerto Rico
A review of Wildflowers Guest House, a pleasant choice for budget travelers in the quiet, rustic town of Boquerón.

Images of El Conquistador Hotel
An image gallery of the sprawling and luxrious El Conquistador Hotel by About.com Guide Teresa Plowright. Located East of San Juan, the El Conquistador is one of the best hotels in Puerto Rico.

Travel and Leisure Magazine Top 500 Hotels
Check out which of Puerto Rico's hotels made the list of Travel and Leisure Magazine's Top 500 Hotels in the World for 2009. Here's a hint: they're both in San Juan.

Puerto Rico's Paradores: Country Inns and Small Hotels
A description of Puerto Rico's Paradores and a listing of recommended inns and small hotels.

Parador Guánica 1929
One of the featured Paradores, or Country Inns, listed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Parador Guánica is a charming and historic building worth a look for people who want to get off the beaten path.

Copamarina Beach Resort
A hidden gem in an undiscovered corner of Southenr Puerto Rico, Copamarina offers guests service, style, and surroundings that's tough to beat anywhere on the island.

The Lazy Parrot Inn
One of the best bets for value, comfort, and a friendly ambience, The Lazy Parrot is a popular, laid back inn in Rincón.

Inns in El Yunque - Inns at El Yunque Rainforest
El Yunque is all about getting away from it all, taking a giant step back and basking in a back-to-the-land environment. And the best way to enjoy Puerto Rico's verdant paradise is to stay at a small inn or B&B nestled in the rainforest. If that sounds good to you, El Yunque Inns is a great resource. I'm familiar with two of its member inns, and I recommend them both. In addition, the site gives you tips on what to do and see when you visit the rainforest.

A Review of Coqui's Hideaway, a Rental Villa in El Yunque
Coqui's Hideaway offers a home away from home, and a home away from the bustle of San Juan. Tucked into the lush foliage of the El Yunque Rainforest, this cozy rental villa offers privacy, independence, and one amazing natural setting.

Bed & Breakfast Inns and Hotels in Puerto Rico
If you like an intimate, laid back, and personal experience when you check into a hotel, you probably love Bed & Breakfast inns. Puerto Rico has a variety of B&Bs, from rainforest retreats to beachfront hideaways. Here are some of the best around the island.

Best Business Hotels in Puerto Rico
The best business hotels around the island, ranging from oceanfront resorts to large hotels facing the unparalleled conference center.

The Rio Mar Beach Resort Hotel in Puerto Rico, A Wyndham Grand Resort
The Rio Mar Beach Resort, a Wyndham Grand Hotel, brings the best of Puerto Rico to its guests: comfort, the beach, the rainforest, golf, casinos, restaurants, and of course, the wonderful hospitality of the island.

My Top Ten Hotels in Puerto Rico

Any list of favorites is subjective; personal biases and preferences, a wonderful experience, and particularly fine customer service all play a role in shaping what you end up liking (or disliking). That said, I think most people would agree that my ten favorite hotels in Puerto Rico are all worthy of consideration. 

The properties listed below all stood out from the crowd ... at least they did for me. They range from stone houses to sprawling resorts, from affordable to extravagant, and from mainland to island. But they share one thing in common: they're my top ten.

Best Spa Hotels in Puerto Rico
A review of the best spa resorts in Puerto Rico, featuring flagship properties like the Ritz-Carlton, the W, St. Regis, Waldorf Astoria and Wyndham.

Review of the Rainforest Inn in El Yunque
With comfortable mountain-lodge style accommodations, gourmet breakfasts and one incredible natural pool a short hike away, the Rainforest Inn brings the best of El Yunque to you.

Review of El Conquistador Resort Hotel in Fajardo, Puerto Rico
A review of the sprawling and full-of-amenities El Conquistador Resort, which offers guests a complete vacation experience unlike any other hotel in Puerto Rico.

5 Reasons to Visit the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico
From the water park to the private island, I can give you 5 reasons why the Waldorf Astoria's El Conquistador in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, is the most complete resort in Puerto Rico.

Review of the Ramada Hotel in Ponce, Puerto Rico
A review of the charming and affordable Ramada Hotel in the historic heart of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Green Hotels in Puerto Rico
Eco-tourists, check out this list of green hotels under Puerto Rico's Green Lodging Program.

Elite Hotels in Puerto Rico
A list of elite hotels in Puerto Rico, which include two Ritz-Carlton properties, two Waldorf Astoria hotels, a W Retreat Vieques and several boutique gems.

Stay and Play Packages in Puerto Rico
Stay and Play packages are available in Puerto Rico for divers, kiteboarders, surfers and golfers. Check out package rates and deals around the island.

A Review of the Gran Meliá Puerto Rico
The Gran Meliá Puerto Rico Golf Resort is among the most exclusive and pristine golf destinations on the island. Beyond the greens, this expansive hotel is a luxury all-suite property built to indulge and delight.

Review of Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa in Guanica, Puerto Rico
The Copamarina Beach Resort in Guánica is a casual, warm and serene retreat. Discover the pleasant charm of this beachfront resort in the South of Puerto Rico.

10 Reasons to Visit the St. Regis Bahía Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico
The St. Regis Bahía Beach Resort is a hotel like no other in Puerto Rico. Discover 10 reasons why you'll want to stay at the St. Regis.

Puerto Rico's Casino Hotels
Puerto Rico's casinos can be found at hotels around the island. Check out the full list of casino hotels in Puerto Rico, and what each offers beyond the tables.

Best Beachfront Hotels in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico's beachfront hotels bring you the best of the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Check in at these 12 hotels by the beach.

Puerto Rico Hotels Make the Grade - 5 Hotels on the Travel Radar
What's the latest buzz about Puerto Rico hotels? Discover which hotels are considered among the world's best for their amenities and perks.

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