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Chuletas Can Can


Chuletas Can Can Photo © Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Definition: Chuletas Can-Can ... it just sounds tasty, doesn't it? Well, those of you who know Spanish will recognize the chuleta, or pork chop, part of the dish, but I'm betting not too many people know where the Can Can comes from. Frankly, neither do I, but I know what it is: a pork chop served with ribs and cuero, or fried pork skin. Typically it is served with rice and beans and plantains (either tostones or amarillos). The dish was invented in one of the more famous Puerto Rican restaurants outside of San Juan, La Guardarraya ("The Guardrail") in Guayanilla.
Alternate Spellings: Chuletas Can Can, Chuletas Kan Kan

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