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All the Crispy Goodness You Can Stomach


There is no shortage of crispy goodies and finger foods of all kinds ... my advice? Explore, enjoy, and gain a little weight!

Frituras represent a crispy world just waiting to be explored.

Cuchifritos; alcapurrias; crab, pork, plantains, fish ... there's seemingly nothing Puerto Ricans won't deep-fry and munch on. These crispy treats come under the general heading of frituras, or fritters.

Thee Places to Get Them

  • The Kiosks in Luquillo are my first choice. On Route 3 in Luquillo (just after the El Yunque Rainforest), you'll find a small legion of roadside kiosks selling every kind of fritura you can want.
  • In Old San Juan, the Plaza de la Dársena and Paseo de La Princesa usually has its share of stalls selling fritters.
  • Piñones is another wonderland of kiosks selling all manner of fried stuffs.

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