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Chillo Entero

Fried Whole Red Snapper


Seafood is widely available and delicious in Puerto Rico ... and a crispy, tender, simply prepared Chillo Entero is one of my favorite local specialties.
Chillo Entero

Chillo Entero at Soleil Beach Club

As you would expect from an island with a rich culinary history, there's a lot on the table from the ocean and the sea. Lobster, shrimp, and a variety of fish can be found in abundance, but perhaps the most ubiquitous dish is the simple and timeless chillo entero. This whole snapper, lightly fried, is served with tostones and lime ... like most great seafood, the freshness of the meat is the star attraction.

Three Places to Get It

  • One of the best I had was at Soleil Beach Club in Piñones, just outside San Juan.
  • Metropol has a few branches around the island.
  • El Bohío in Joyuda (787-851-2755)
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