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June Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico


June is a busy month in Puerto Rico, with the island offering practically something for everyone. There are events that the kids will love, a major street festival taking place in San Juan, and celebrations and events that celebrate everything from sugarcane to salsa. And the highlight of the month id the Saint John the Baptist Festival.

  • The 7th Annual Children-Teen Salsa Congress brings young salseros from all over the world.
  • The Festival de San Juan Bautista is one massive open-air party, complete with its own traditions and plenty of revelry.
  • Inflalandia turns the Puerto Rico Convention Center into a kids' playground.
Events Calendar:
  • Through June 2: Hatillo throws its annual Sugarcane Festival in honor of the sweet crop that is so key to Puerto Rico's history and, especially, rum! Expect plenty of that libation, along with live music and arts and crafts stalls.

  • June 2: San Juan's annual gay pride parade rumbles down Condado's Ashford Avenue in full pomp and color.

  • June 12-16: Agrópolis, or La Feria del País ("Country Fair") is an annual agricultural festival that features a rodeo, paso fino horse competition, and produce and livestock from around the island.

  • June 14-16: The town of Guánica hosts its annual crab festival, with the scrumptious jueye, or crab, the culinary star.

  • June 21-22: Take the kids and bounce your way to Inflalandia a bouncy, inflatable jungle of fun and kids' activities that transforms the Puerto Rico Convention Center into a child's wonderland.

  • June 23-24: The San Juan Bautista Festival is a festival in honor of the patron saint of San Juan, but as with many such festivals in Puerto Rico, religious fervor takes a major back seat to partying. The festival comes with a wonderful tradition: at night, head to the beach and jump backward into the water three times. It's for luck. No, really; it is.

  • June 26-30: The El Yunque Carnival comes to Rio Grande with music, food and a Sunday parade to cap off the festivities.

  • June 28-30: The 7th Annual Children-Teen Salsa Congress comes to the Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel. The only youth salsa congress in the world attracts some of the best young salsa aficionados in the world for a few days of instruction and fun in San Juan.
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