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The Island's Biggest Events and Holidays

Puerto Ricans know how to party, and there is always something to party about. Whether it's a demon-mask carnival, a parade in honor of a patron saint, or the most influential classical music event in the Caribbean, you'll find it's all happening somewhere on the island.

September Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout September. It's a month of sport-fishing tournaments, rock concerts, high fashion and patron saints.

February Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
February is an action-packed, fun-filled, and love-inducing month in Puerto Rico. There are tons of events and special occasions this month, headlined by Valentine's Day, the Ponce Carnival, and the Casals Festival. Also on the agenda are a variety of athletic events and town fairs. In short, it's a fantastic time to be in Puerto Rico.

June Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
Wow. June is full of events, spectacles, and concerts. From high-wire stunts to presidential visits, Disney on Ice to paragliders in the sky, and jazz fests to indie fests, there's a full menu of fun, entertaining, and historic happenings on the island.

May Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
In May, Puerto Rico celebrates everything from its roots to its geeks (and I mean that in the best way); we're talking patron saint festivals, summer beach parties, two major entertainment events, music concerts, and plenty more to see and do.

2012 April Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
April is host to two blockbuster international events in San Juan which touch on topics near and dear to my heart: food and music! Beyond that, there is a historical reenactment of an 18th century battle, your usual variety of festivals, and even a music legend coming into town.

March Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
There's plenty going on in March all around Puerto Rico, from the Casals classical music festival in San Juan to turtle-watching season in Culebra. Also swinging into town is the PGA Puerto Rico Open, the Heineken Regatta, and a whole day dedicated to the swing of the salsero.

The San Sebastián Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico
The San Sebastián Festival in San Juan has become one of Puerto Rico's most celebrated, well-attended, and culturally relevant events. It's a great time to be in the old city to celebrate the isalnd's folklore and heritage with thousands of locals and visitors.

January Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout January. It's still Christmastime on the island, and the Three Kings are on their way. But it's also the month for patron saints, especially in Old San Juan.

December Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout December. It's Christmastime, New Year's Eve, and there are parties, concerts, culinary fests and more to look forward to.

November Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout November. It's the beginning of the long and wonderful Christmas season, Thankgiving Puerto Rico style, college basketball and free kiteboarding ... among other fun activities.

October Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events in Puerto Rico throughout October. It's a month of latin music icons, fashion shows, food festivals and plenty of small-town cultural fairs and events.

August Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
A listing of festivals, holidays and events throughout Puerto Rico in August.

Saborea! Puerto Rico's Fabulous Food Festival
Images from Saborea, Puerto Rico's star-studded culinary festival. Some of the best chefs from Puerto Rico and around the world gathered for a weekend of world-class food, live demo kitchen seminars, plenty of after-parties, and no shortage of Puerto Rican rum!

Pictures of Christmas in Puerto Rico
A visual guide to the lights and decorations of a festive Christmas in Puerto Rico. These photos, taken in Old San Juan, show the city in one of its most lovely and festive seasons.

The Ponce Carnival
Carnival! There's nothing to match it in Puerto Rico. Get acquainted with the island's most colorful festival.

Celebrate a Puerto Rican Christmas
If you’re visiting the island during the Christmas season (and it’s one of the best, most festive times to be here), you'll be in for a few surprises. Local traditions add a unique spirit to the holiday. Here's what you need to know to celebrate a boricua Christmas.

Events and Special Occasions Throughout the Year
Puerto Ricans celebrate ... well, just about everything. From hammock-making to jazz to a good old fashioned street fair, you'll find festivals and special events year-round on the island. Here is a brief rundown of Puerto Rico's biggest parties, most solemn occasions, and most anticipated celebrations.

How to Celebrate a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving
A description of a typical Puerto Rican Thanskgiving, focusing on the most important element: the feast. Puerto Ricans put their own culinary touch on the menu ... and then they do what everyone in the U.S. does ... take it easy with their families.

How Utuado Celebrates Christmas in Puerto Rico
A different type of event from the typical Christmas festivities, "Christmas in the Mountains" is designed to get people outdoors, outside of the city, and into beautiful mountain-and-lake scenery in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

Definition of a Jolgorio, a Puerto Rican Christmas holiday party that doesn't wait for Christmas.

July Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
Listing of festivals, holidays and events throughout Puerto Rico in July. An internationally known salsa event, a film festival, and plenty of local celebrations and patron saint festivals help keep the summer going.

January Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico
Listing of festivals, holidays and events throughout Puerto Rico in Jaanuary.

Fiestas Patronales
From San Juan to San German, Puerto Rico's big and small towns hold an annual festival to honor their patron saint. These Fiestas Patronales are weeklong celebrations that take place throughout the year. Click here to learn more.

Calendar of Events
Check out this full listing of events, fairs, and "festivales patronales" (patron saint festivals) throughout the year.

Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Puerto Ricans love to party. From hammocks to mangos to patron saints, it seems there is something, somewhere is being honored with a toast, good music, and something tasty to eat. Of course, some celebrations go far beyond these basic festivities.

I've already put together a list of the biggest events and festivals around the island each year. Here's a comprehensive event calendar, broken down by month, with details on the island's biggest parties, festivals. and excuses to cram grapes in your mouth and jump into the ocean.

Food and Drink Festivals in Puerto Rico

With superstar chefs, award-winning restaurants and a culinary tradition that blends recipes and ingredients from the new world, the old world, and the world of fusion, Puerto Rico's gastronomy has become a huge draw for tourists. Pour a bit of Puerto Rican rum into mix, and you've got a recipe for world-class food and drink. To experience the best of island cooking (and drinking), check out these food festivals in Puerto Rico.

A Puerto Rico-Style Thanksgiving Tour
A special Thanksgiving Tour to the heart of lechón country in Guavate with Debbie Molina-Ramos and Legends of Puerto Rico.

The Food of Christmas in Puerto Rico
As with any major holiday, Puerto Ricans have a particular menu for Christmas. Fruitcake, egg nog (as you know it) and ham take a back seat to island specialties. Not surprisingly, a certain roast suckling pig everyone knows and loves makes an appearance, but so do pasteles and tembleque and the 'Rican version of egg nog. Here's the full...

Five Reasons to Spend Chrismtas in Puerto Rico
If you want to spice up your holiday season with a bit of exotic Caribbean flare, I can't think of a better destination than Puerto Rico. In fact, I'll give you five reasons why Christmas in Puerto Rico is a memorable and unique celebration. It's not just about Santa on the island; it's more than lights and gifts under the tree. Puerto Rico...

Images of Christmas in Vieques
The lovely lights of Christmas make the main plaza in Isabel II, Vieques, shine with tropical splendor and whimsy.

10 Puerto Rican New Year's Resolutions
We all make resolutions in the New Year, right? Quit smoking, start jogging, save more, eat less ... we've all been there. But I've got a very specific list of resolutions for anyone who has visited, or plans to visit, Puerto Rico: 10 Puerto Rican New Year's Resolutions designed to help you discover what makes this island so special. And...

6 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Puerto Rico
Christmas is a long and festive season in Puerto Rico, beginning after Thanksgiving and stretching beyond Three Kings Day on January 6. Here are five unique ways to celebrate if you're spending the holidays in Puerto Rico.

Where to Party on New Year's Eve 2011 in Puerto Rico
A list of hotspots that plan to say goodbye to 2011 with a bang, and ring in 2012 in style!

The History and Meaning of Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico
January 6 is Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico. Learn more about why this is such a special day on the calendar, and an integral part of Puerto Rican culture and folklore.

Top Ten 2013 New Years Resolutions for Puerto Rico
My Top 10 Resolutions for Puerto Rico in 2013 include buying local art, playing a round of golf on a spectacular green, visiting the Galapagos of the Caribbean, and much more.

Restaurant Week Offers Prix Fixe Bargains at Fine Restaurants in San Juan
Puerto Rico Restaurant Week takes place in May, with many outstanding restaurants in San Juan offering prix fixe menus. Enjoy Puerto Rican food, fusion cuisine and international flavors at bargain prices.

5 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day in Puerto Rico
If you're spending Father's Day in Puerto Rico, treat him to a special, and very Puerto Rican, treat. Here are five ideas on what to do to show Dad a good time on Father's Day.

San Juan's Festival of Saint John the Baptist
The Fiesta de San Juan Bautista, or Saint John the Baptist Festival, is one of the most important cultural events on the island. Find out what to do and where to celebrate the holiday.

Where to Eat on Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

Where to Eat on Christmas Day in Puerto Rico
Spending Christmas in Puerto Rico? Check out these five restaurants that are serving up a holiday feast full of seasonal Puerto Rican dishes.

New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico: Where to Go to Ring in 2014
New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico is always a time to party until 2014 is well under way. Check out the biggest bashes and balls in Puerto Rico this New Year's Eve.

Christmas in Old San Juan - 2013
Christmas in Old San Juan is magical, colorful and full of joy. Discover where to go and what to see in the old city during the holidays.

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