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Tour Puerto Rico's Rainforest with Hacienda Carabalí

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Tour Puerto Rico's Rainforest with Hacienda Carabalí
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The Bottom Line

A multi-adventure ranch that lets you experience the rainforest through a variety of exciting tours, the hacienda is a destination unto itself and well worth the trip out from San Juan or the surrounding area.


  • A fun way to experience the beautiful rainforest.
  • A tour, activity or excursion for just about everyone.
  • If you like a bit of adventure, don't miss the 4-track tour!


  • A bit removed from ... well, most cities and tourist hotspots.
  • A bit on the pricey side.


  • The hacienda is located about 40 minutes from San Juan, but is closer to the El Conquistador Resort and Wyndham Rio Mar.
  • For an extended stay, you can check into the Rainforest Inn, part of the Hacienda Carabalí ranch.
  • As this is a rainforest, you can expect rain as often as not, but these are typically of the flash variety.
  • Tours to the hacienda are available from many hotels, especially hotels that use Dragonly Tours as their tour concession.

Guide Review - Tour Puerto Rico's Rainforest with Hacienda Carabalí

Hacienda Carabalí, a 600-acre adventure ranch in the Luquillo neighborhood (at the feet of the mighty El Yunque), combines the idyllic natural wonder of the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. forest system with the adventure of the outdoors. When you consider the type of adventure the Hacienda offers, you'll find it's an irresistible combination. The hacienda offers three different ways to explore the rainforest:
  • Horseback riding: The two-hour guided excursion into the forest is enjoyed at a leisurely pace, with the occasional trot thrown in, and a stop by the side of the beautiful Mameyes River, where you can take a dip before returning home.
  • 4-track tour: My personal favorite, this fun romp into the forest allows you to gun your ATV (within reason), experience the rugged trail in all its pitched and puddled glory, and also includes the river swim.
  • Mountain bike: An invigorating ride through muddy trails into the lush canopy of the forest with, you guessed it, a river swim.
If you prefer to stay at the hacienda, you can enjoy their Go-Karts. And of course, given the river swim, you'll want to have your bathing suit on for their rainforest excursions. I've been to the hacienda twice, and both times had a terrific outing. The guides were friendly, pointing out such interesting anecdotes as Daddy Yankee's home and forest flora (there isn't much fauna around). Whether you want to bike, trot, or motor through the forest, Hacienda Carabalí has got a tour for you. I'd happily go back for a third visit.
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