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The Parrot Club: A Tropical Tradition Among San Juan Restaurants

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The Parrot Club: A Tropical Tradition Among San Juan Restaurants
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The Bottom Line

The Parrot Club is one of those places that flirts with "must-visit" status. There's good reason for the accolades. The food is tasty; the staff friendly; the ambience unparalleled; and the drinks varied and inventive. Add the fact that it's located on the most restaurant-trendy street in Puerto Rico, and it's no surprise that it draws crowds 11 years after it opened.


  • The bright, festive environment draws a happy crowd every day.
  • With a huge drink menu, it's locally known as "la casa del mojito" - home of the mojito.
  • Live music helps keep the place hopping.
  • The food, considered Nuevo Latino, is inventive, fresh, and tasty.


  • If you don't like a noisy environment during dinner, this is not the place for you.
  • The Cuban-criollo menu can get a bit heavy.


  • Try the open-faced arepa, a cornmeal patty with ropa vieja (shredded beef with peppers), avocado, and sour cream.
  • Brunch is an excellent, but very busy, option at The Parrot Club.
  • For a more intimate dining experience, ask for a table on the outdoor porch.
  • The signature drink is the Parrot Passion, a mix of passion fruit, orange, Bacardi limón and triple sec.

Guide Review - The Parrot Club: A Tropical Tradition Among San Juan Restaurants

The noise emanating from the Parrot Club is a mixture of tropical music (live bands on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), a bubbly crowd, the busy clatter of silverware and the clink of glasses. This place never seems to slow down or lose its luster as one of the most popular restaurants in Old San Juan.

Maybe it's the creative cuisine. Even after 11 years, the open-faced arepa and the nuevo cubano sandwich are crowd favorites. It's hearty, tasty fare with a slightly sophisticated touch ... nothing too elaborat; that wouldn't be The Parrot Club's style.

No, here the emphasis is on prividing a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere where you can sample one of the restaurant's signature drinks, enjoy the brightly colored decor, and eat well. The indoor dining room is spacious and loud, and the outdoor porch provides a more intimate ambience.

All in all, it is a well-known, and well-loved institution in Old San Juan, with a whimsical spirit and a tasteful menu that will make you want to come back for more.

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