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The Dragonfly Combo: A San Juan Restaurant and Lounge

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The Dragonfly Combo: A San Juan Restaurant and Lounge
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The Bottom Line

Dragonfly is more than a restauarant; it's more than a late-night lounge; it's a full night out at one of Old San Juan's most sought after hotspots. There are several (valid) claims to its fame. Good food, ample portions and unique flavors headline the list. A dark and sensual ambience certainly helps. And the clientele - typically scantily clad locals and tourists don't hurt. If you don't want to wander from restaurant to bar to lounge, you'll be more than happy to hang out here for a night.


  • Creative, Asian-inspired fusion food
  • One of the most popular nighttime hangouts in the old city
  • Ideally located in the heart of SoFo
  • Exotic cocktail menu


  • At night, the lines can be daunting
  • Wear your flashy best or you might not get in
  • At night, seating is at a premium
  • One of the pricier dining options in the old city


  • Try the Dragon Punch, the restaurant's signature, gingery cocktail.
  • Dragonfly is definitely the place to see and be seen, especially if you're looking for sexy Sanjuaneros looking their best.
  • If Dragonfly is full, check out Dragonfly too, which offers the same ambience just around the corner.

Guide Review - The Dragonfly Combo: A San Juan Restaurant and Lounge

Walk down Fortaleza Street on a Saturday night. You'll pass numerous restaurants bubbling the chatter of happy crowds, the clink of cutlery of plates and glass on glass, and the pleasant ambience of a quality restaurant. At some of these places you'll notice a line of diners or nightlife seekers waiting for admission. And the longest line you'll find is probably going to be snaking behind the door of Dragonfly.

What makes Dragonfly so successful? For starters, it's an excellent choice for a dining experience that combines Asian and Latin flavors. Start with a creative maki roll. The tropical triple salmon roll is a good choice, made with salmon, avocado, mango, smoked salmon, salmon roe and scallion. Another favorite is the Tako Ceviche roll, which is made with octopus ceviche.

I recommend sharing a few rolls and then splitting a couple of Dragonfly's specialties. If you go this route, you almost have to try the Peking Duck Nachos, a unique and delicious combination of flavors. The Asian marinated churrasco, or skirt steak, is succulent and tender, and goes perfectly with the accompanying wasabi "dragonfries" (which are also available as a side dish).

The dessert isn't extensive, but a sure-fire hit for chocolate lovers is the milk chocolate creme de pot. After, it's time to relax, drink in the ambience, and maybe drink in one of Dragonfly's exotic cocktails. Their specialty is the Dragon Punch, on my list of Puerto Rico's best cocktails ... but if you don't like ginger, don't go anywhere near it. As a nightlife destination, it's hard to top Dragonfly lounge, with its sumptuous red hues, plush couches (if you're lucky enough to nab one), and a lower floor that's practically stuffed with happy late-night denizens.

So book a table, enjoy a meal, order a cocktail or five, and enjoy one of Puerto Rico's best places to be when the sun goes down.

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