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Zain Deane

Election Day

By November 1, 2012

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El Capitolio in San Juan

November 6 is a big day for Puerto Rico. Not so much because there's an election happening in the U.S. Of course that's huge, but as you might know, Puerto Ricans can't vote for the president, a point of some contention for an island that has maintained an unusual relationship with the United States since 1898.

No, November 6 in Puerto Rico is not about putting Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in office for the next four years; rather, it's about determining their own status. The island'sáresidents will vote on whether they want to remain an unincorporated commonwealth of the U.S. (their current status), fully incorporate into the union as America's 51st state, or become fully independent.

This isn't the first time Puerto Rico has put its political fate to a vote. In fact, the last time the island held a referendum, the outcome was undecided. Many Puerto Ricans, including governoráLuis Fortu˝o, favor statehood. A vociferous minority champions independence. But for many decades, the majority of the population have chosen to let the status quo reign.

This November 6, we'll see what the people of Puerto Rico have to say on Election Day.

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