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Sports in Puerto Rico

Did you know that Puerto Rico is a sport enthusiast's nirvana? Whether you're a spectator, an athlete or simply someone who likes to try new activities, the number and variety of sports you can enjoy here is truly incredible. Take a closer look.

Puerto Rico Travel Spotlight10

Alexander Cruz's Birds of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a rich and fine artistic tradition. Meet Alexander Cruz, a gifted painter and ambassador of Puerto Rico's artistic heritage.

Puerto Rico Hotels Make the Grade - 5 Hotels on the Travel Radar

What's the latest buzz about Puerto Rico hotels? Discover hotels in Puerto Rico that rank among the world's best for their amenities and perks.

Puerto Rico Destinations: An A to (Almost) Z Guide

Puerto Rico is a land of forests and beaches, mountains and islands, lagoons and coasts. Check out my A to Z guide to Puerto Rico destinations.

Puerto Rico Restaurants: An A to Z Guide

There's a restaurant for every taste and budget in Puerto Rico. Check out my A to Z guide to where to eat around the island.

San Juan Marriott Introduces "U Shoot, We Share" Service

Here's a cool promotion for the budding, amateur or expert filmmaker in you: the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino has launched a new service

Activities in Puerto Rico: An A to (Almost) Z Guide

There are so many activities and adventure to try in Puerto Rico! Check out this A to Z guide on what to do when you visit Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Food: An A to (Almost) Z Guide

Puerto Rican food is rich, varied and often a mystery to first-time visitors. Enjoy this A to Z guide to some of the best foods in Puerto Rico.

The Condado Vanderbilt - Rise of Condado's Grande Dame

Hotels in San Juan - A Review of the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, Condado's Original Grande Dame

From San Juan to Ponce - Adventures Along Route 52

Route 52 makes for a wonderful day trip from San Juan. Discover the town of Caguas, the natural beauty of Puerto Rico's interior, and much more.

5 Reasons to Visit Caguas

A visit to Caguas is a journey to a unique cultural and picturesque town in the interior of Puerto Rico. Discover 5 reasons to visit Caguas.

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